can a Moderator plz help me get my items out of this locked chest

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  1. plz because I have 2 enchanted weapons of my ownership in a locked chest


    Wastelands NE

    Cordinates: 2036,-2012
  2. I died from fall damage on some hoppers
  4. Calm down. They are not resetting right now, there will be fair warning when it's actually going to be reset.

    Please try not to triple post.

    I suggest you return to your locked chest and retrieve the items - if they are your items, then you have access to the chest?
  5. It wasn't my Locked chest

    I believe it was a trap
  6. ITS A TRAP!
    Wow unlucky contact a moderator
  7. If you believe it was a trap, PM a Moderator to help you out and let them know the details so that they can investigate it for you properly :)
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  8. it turns out the locked chest is owned by: ZG_zebra keonizer
  9. Please tell this to the Moderator and not publicly in this thread, that way it can get sorted out properly without interference :)
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  10. It kinda looked like a mob grinder so might actually not be a trap
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  11. Offical EMC policy: Once an item touches the ground, it is no longer yours. Sorry. Those weapons now belong to the owner of the chest.
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  12. But why can other people then not pickup your items for 8 minutes when you die, if this is an official rule/policy?
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  13. If someone dies by accident and the items happen to end up where they can't reach them, they do not lose ownership because they dropped them.
  14. I can't see any hoppers here
  15. I'm afraid this is not what staff has stated. If another player is able to pick them up, and does so, the items belong to that player.
  16. If it was a trap it would be different. I think that would qualify as indirect PvP which is against the rules.

    Have you tried contacting them asking if they would get the items out?
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  17. Ok. I've just retreived your stuff thanks to keonizer. I'll set you up an access chest on 11463 right now
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  18. You are on about if another players gets hold of them, you stated that the items are not yours from the second you dropped them, that is what I was on about.
  19. Yes. If someone picks them up they can keep them.

    The guideline from staff: "If it is on the ground it is basically free game."