Camp Felis Pardalis (Volt Citizen)

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  1. Greetings Frontier Explorers!

    After much land survey and long travel, the Envious-Ecosystem team has arrived in the city-state of Volt - smp9 Eastern territories.

    "Camp Felis" is being built in Northwest Volt Jungle Biome. It's within the jungle canopy (tree-house village) and will do no harm to the ecology of the area nor will any clear-cutting be done. This area has been declared a national wildlife preserve by rock00888 - Leader of Volt - and we have been given a permit to establish a research camp there.

    Our objective is simple: To set up a natural, self-sustained observation camp for the studies of endangered Ocelots in the region to ensure no encroachment or endangerment to their habitat is done. Volt and the surrounding territories of Stoneguard and Wrem have been chosen for their excellent centralized transportation, location and hospitality. Thank you to both, and neighboring Estona for the warm welcome.

    Any inquiries or expeditions into the jungle region here should be addressed to me and a guide will be arranged.

    Please do not disturb the wild-life population or old growth tropical rainforest.

    Below, please find outlined map as approved by Rock00888.

    Thank you!

    Felis Pardalis.png


    Felis Pardalis
  2. Estona will help in anyway possible :)

    best regards

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  3. Pinetown might assist, if I can get back out there.
    And yes, nobody knows what pinetown is.
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  4. Soooo... Whats Pinetown? :mad:
  5. I would LOVE to join you. SMP9 is my home server and I make AWESOME treehouses.
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  6. Thanks to all of you for the offers of help. It would be most helpful for neighboring city states and residents to help Rock repair the highway / railway / bridges out between Stoneguard, Wrem, Estona and Volt as the Endermen may be moving things or creepers doing damage - I notice some bricks missing here and there.

    Volt could definitely use some new folks settling out that way - you're most welcome to come on out! (Please message rock00888 for Volt citizenship).

    My only request is that the three little islands I've settled (they are very small) at the tip of the jungle be left to me for building and the rest of the jungle area north of me be kept pristine / uncut. I'm laying down sand pathing and utilizing the natural jungle shrubbery and vines wherever I can to reduce construction and unnecessary damage. The 'eco footprint' should remain small and using natural materials. I wouldn't even let Rock extend a gravel path beyond the first path away from the railway system haha.

    There are plenty of 'old growth' (ie giant jungle trees) all along the lagoon coast and northward that would make great treehouses - you could start there and eventually we could have the village connected by suspended wood bridges. I've had to replant quite a few jungle trees around my archipelago as someone previously cut them badly and most had to be restarted from seedlings.

    If you decide to come out, send me or rock00888 a message. :)
  7. Well,I'm THINKING about helping...
  8. We're doing really good. No fires have been set on the jungle. Thanks anyways!
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  9. Okay,but I would like to help since I love Ocelots as much as everyone else at Camp Felis Pardalis.
    (Does that mean Camp Feline Paradise?)
  10. Seems to me you have plenty to do building your republic in your own designated area.

    As for Felis Pardalis. Google is your friend. :)
  11. Like the idea for sandpath in the jungle. thats a really usefull one i use in my jungle. when needed. not want to break that nice picture.
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  12. Wow.
    I can't believe the 2nd NR became so stupid looking for a minute because I wasn't behaving like myself...
    Sorry about that Envie,I don't know what's been happening to me lately...
  13. Yes! The idea is to keep the area nice looking and not built up too heavily with stone roads or structures. Using sand as a path fits in nicely there because much of the cove is beach anyways. The treehouse village will be suspended up into the largest jungle trees which are tall enough to support a platform structure, with bridges between them.
  14. Theres only one big problem, besides space for buildings.
    Creepers keep ruining terrain. and there's not a good surplus on
    dirt right now. to fill the holes without borrowing soemthibng from the landscape :O
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  15. Creepers are definitely a problem at Camp Felis as well. Fortunately, due to our amiable relationship with the local Ocelot population, we are keeping plenty of tame cats in the treehouse and lower platforms. They are terribly noisy but do a good job of keeping most creepers at bay from the main tree structure. I'm also constructing defensible platforms over water where they can be safely detonated or shot with bows. They can't destroy blocks in water. :)

    Also, creepers won't try to follow you if you're 16 blocks or more away. This is part of my logic for building the treehouses only in the tallest jungle trees because they are high enough off the ground that creepers don't try to get up there. I just have to be really sure to light it up well on top (jack o lanterns work great) and put a fence railing around the edge. The roof overhangs so they can't drop down from there without falling all the way to the jungle floor either. It works pretty well as far as defenses go!

    Hope those suggestions help!
  16. Hey Rock, I understand the need to keep discussions regarding Volt in that thread. I hadn't created this one to be a separate outpost but rather as a creative project / journal of my camp's progress. If the mods only allow one post per city then they'll have to lock it but that's definitely a bummer as I was going to post some screenshots of the camp.
  17. Ya, I've asked a mod. No word back yet but I'm hoping they let us keep it open.
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  18. Oh yes, the cats. forgot them. i have 2 eggs. but first need to fish so i can tame them. and breed more.
  19. We can keep it! Talked with a staff member and we can keep it open! :)
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