Calling Modern Web Designers - Rewards!

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  1. Hey everyone.

    Everyone knows one thing about our forums: They are not responsive, and do not look that good on mobile.

    I'm looking for someone who can help us out by supplying CSS that will improve the forums to be responsive for mobile devices only, leaving the appearance untouched for desktop.

    Using Stylish (Chrome - Firefox) create a stylesheet using media queries that restyles the forums to be responsive on Mobile and Tablet devices.
    If you need, you may use Greasemonkey to include JavaScript

    I have already added <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
    to the page however this does mess up the background currently since its not responsive yet :)

    • Must target Mobile and Tablet devices
    • Must improve the Home page display
    • Must improve the Forum Index display (the /forums page)
    • Must improve the Thread List display (Viewing threads in a forum)
    • Must improve the Thread view display (Viewing an individual thread)
    • Must improve the PM List and Conversations
    • Must improve the main navigation.
    • Must improve the Wiki
    • Buttons should be enlarged to make them easier to access
    • Must not affect desktop sized browsers. The rules should not go into effect until the browser is smaller than the websites static width.
    • Must be to a respectable "Quality" level as decided by Aikar. (Don't throw together a sloppy hack job)
    • Must maintain the advertisements, but scale them where appropriate.
    A lot of these should gain benefits from the same rules.
    The page should be clean, easy to read and use while using an Android or iPhone sized device!

    Whoever first completes this task will be compensated with $150 worth of Vouchers (you can choose what vouchers you want, including Max Residence Vouchers - regardless of our EULA progress)

    We reserve the right to decide when it meets the requirements. If it does not sufficiently meet the requirements, I will tell you where to continue to improve.

    Must be to a respectable "Quality" level as decided by Aikar. (Don't throw together a sloppy hack job)

    If multiple people want to work on this, I encourage you to work together and split the rewards, or else someone may beat you to it and take the reward. So announce on this thread if you are going to work on this :)

    We will only give out 1 reward totalling $150 in value in In Game Voucher form, even if multiple submissions qualify.

    Also: We reserve the right to update the requirements based on feedback, and you must complete the new requirements.

    This request is cancelled and void in the event we add the support ourselves before anyone submits a fully finished version (Though I am not trying to work on this myself! I'm putting this request out to save me time, but in the event no-one does this and I add it myself through a forum upgrade or do the work myself, then it will self close).

    All work supplied (accepted or not accepted), including but not limited to: CSS, JavaScript, images or HTML, will transfer copyright of the code to Starlis LLC, giving us irrevocable right to use and modify the code to our needs.
  2. As someone who uses mobile all the time, I love this!
  3. Woo, I wish I could help.
    I really don't think that the forums are that bad looking though!
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  4. Dang only if I knew enough CSS :p
  5. Yes please! I think just_five_fun's brother was working on a mobile game if that helps!
  6. I wont be doing this, but good luck to ever who does it :D
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  7. Mobile game and mobile targetted web development are very different things lol.
  8. they "look" nice, but needs some improvements to improve using them on mobile devices to avoid having to constantly zoom in and zoom out on things.
  9. thats why I said if that helps. It obviously did not :p
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  10. Would jquery mobile be okay?

    jquery mobile isn't exactly just css - it makes it so the page is comprised of accordion buttons.

    That when you click on the button it expands its own page.... instead of just resizing the website to fit the screen.
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  11. I can't really think of anything an accordion is going to help improve on. Only real thing would be to maybe wrap the header section in 1 accordion section and page content in another and expand header if you need, but that feels awkward to me.
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  12. oh my terminology was wrong... wasn't meaning 'according' ... was meaning collapsible ...

    so basically for index you would have:
    header image
    collapsible login (if you are logged in would show your recent activity, inbox, account info, and rupee amount....
    collapsible navigation
    collapsible pinned threads
    collapsible recent threads
    footer links (starlis, terms, policy, contact)
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  13. accordions are collapsible sections =P

    Just that in an ideal layout, the header is thinner and doesn't take much room, and there likely won't be many pinned threads either, and we would want them exposed before the recent threads.

    while it could be collapsible, I just don't see it adding to the user experience.
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  14. How is this relevant or needed in any way?
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  15. Because if people want to add the site on their home screen, it makes it look better. It's just more ideas for an improved user friendly experience :)
  16. This alone makes me wish that I was able to concentrate long enough to do something like this.. I could really use 3 dereliction protections at the moment, although don't have the money or rupees to purchase them.. :oops: .. and while voting is rewarding, it can get tedious after a few weeks when trying to protect an entire neighborhood on a specific server.
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  17. Lol he made it sound like he wanted a Safari icon on the EMC site. I wasn't aware that iOS users didn't already have an icon. :p
  18. Already had the image, went ahead and added the tags to it. Done.
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  19. Awesome, can't wait to see what the our coders come up with! :D
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