CadenMann is back!

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Pizza rolls?

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Yes 26 vote(s) 42.6%
Yes 23 vote(s) 37.7%
Yes 31 vote(s) 50.8%
Any other answer than yes should be illegal, so yes 42 vote(s) 68.9%
Yes 24 vote(s) 39.3%
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  1. You read the title correctly.

    After almost one whole year since my disappearance, lots of pizza rolls having been consumed, I am making a graceful return to the Empire.

    I missed you guys tons and I'm very glad to be returning today. After being gone for about a year, I've changed a lot but I'm still just as happy to be here. I don't feel like writing a 4 page essay about this because I got about 3 hours of sleep last night and I'm terrible tired, but I'll leave it at this - I'm glad to be back. :)

    Love you guys,
  2. Welcome Back to EMC!
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  3. Welcome back bud!
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  4. Yes!
    I don't really feel like writing a 4 page essay at the moment either. :p
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  5. Welcome back : )
  6. Already said in a pm, but Welcome Back!
  7. Love you too Caden! <3 ;)
  8. I am super excited!

    I normally do not do this. But since this is MY writing I will share that which I shared just now only within GRIP so far (well, a small part of it):

    GRIP is currently having a vote on to re-instate Caden or not (it's the honest thing to do IMO). Caden already said yes, so we'll soon see. For the record: GRIP is still the same as it is today, the reason Caden got banned had nothing to do with GRIP so I honestly see no reason to start him up on probation again.

    Sorry to start here, people close to me know how much GRIP means to me. And I meant every word I said up there, so I really couldn't start otherwise.

    Caden: I am super excited to see you back. My heart did an extra beat when I saw you hop on.

    Just like some other player (<cough>Foxy</cough>) you did not give up on EMC but stayed with us. You were around, you were often there where it counted and most of all (sorry to mention this, but ....) you did not start a hate campaign. Please note that I don't condemn doing so. Shit happens, you need an outlet and the most obvious one is the forums. I can see that. Still you guy(s) did none of that as far as I know.

    There is a difference between venting, bashing and plain out slandering (no comment).

    Caden did none of the above. Just saying. Even during his ban announcement (by his own hand) he was clear, polite, honest. At this time I even wonder if Krysyy made this decision on her own, and quite frankly: kudo's to her IMVHO (oh, you youngesters: In My Very Humble Opinion, there, happy?) :D

    Why the rant? Dude... didn't you see that "Ok, the heck with bias" quote? I do not write those things on official stuff for no reason :D

    Caden... I am SUPER excited to see you return to the Empire. If you need to catch up: drop me a line. For me EMC just got a bit better seeing my SMP8 friend come back again.

    You GO Caden!

    (seriously guys: I think this appeal was well deserved. No bias, no nothing, just an honest comment when looking back).
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  9. woop woop
    party :D
    welcome back :D
  10. Hey Caden!
    Welcome back!!! :)
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  12. Hey BB, welcome back
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  13. heya welcome back XD
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  14. Welcome Back :D
    Gonna host a party? :p
  15. SMP8 is reunited again

    The pizza rolls will be consumed
  16. Ahh yes. Canada is now complete. We have the nice hair as a leader and then Caden back. Now let's all ride our moose to Timmies!
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  17. Woo welcome back Caden, I'm looking forward to seeing you on smp8! But don't you mean piz arols? :rolleyes:
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  18. This makes me happier than words can explain <3 Welcome back, Caden. Be prepared for when you get online later :>
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