[Buying] UHC GOLDEN Apple

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  1. I know how limited these are. willing to offer equivalent of 10+ mil. have a 2017 PPP Kryssy head just throwing that on the table. If you know anyone with one that may be willing to part please feel free to get in contact with me. this is a shout in the dark but may the Golden Apple shine through.
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  2. Try Biggoldpyramid in smp4
  3. sorry to make it more clear im talking about the promo item. not Enchanted Golden Apples
  4. Try contacting Jewel_king.
  5. 10+mil? i used to have like, 6 of these. sadge

    i know rhy has some, maybe you can convince him to sell.
  6. How did you have 6, if supposedly only 6 were given out? I know some may have been given later on, but so many? Would have to see them...

    And how many does rhy have?
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  7. Wow, I totally forgot that EMC had had official UHC's! Maybe for the better... :rolleyes:
  8. the wiki is horribly outdated on the uhc apples
    if you really want you can trawl through the uhc thread to find all the monthly winner posts with my name on them, each one was equivalent to one apple.

    you can no longer see mine as they were purged lol

    i also have no idea how many rhy has, i just know he won several
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  9. Hey! Do you still need a UHC apple? I have several and theyre doing nothing other than collecting pixel dust
  10. Send me a DM
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  11. Wow, what a throwback to when UHC used to be a thing on EMC! :eek:

    I wonder if Dr. Chocolate has any, I remember him being super prolific in UHCs back in the day~ :3c
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  12. Those were fun days! Im not fond of dr.chocolate, his name doesnt ring a bell I dont think. I think Rhy, runder and crafter may have a few also however. Its weird recalling all these names I havent thought about in half a decade !!
  13. Heh, I feel that last part. XD
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