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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by 99marvel, Sep 16, 2013.

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  1. I was wondering if it is against EMC rules to buy a supportership with EMC rupees. That is paying a player a lot of up front game money in exchange for that player buying a supportership on the account that paid them (an EMC password would have to be given).
    please help,
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  2. I don't think supporters can be bought with rupees. It would be cool, but to be a supporter, you need to pay with actual cash. It's all about donating to help Empire Minecraft grow, and then they will mark you a supporter for helping. If you could pay rupees to be a supporter, than anybody can be a supporter. And donating rupees to the Empire is kind of useless for helping it get to be a better server. It would be cool, but it's about donating.
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  3. As far as I know this is legal.
    What he means is pay other players to rupees to buy supportership for you.
    Also, you can contact ICC to gift supporter to someone so you don't have to give a password :)
    I did a job for achip12321 once and he payed me with a month of iron subscription, so I think its good.

    This totally helps the topic. /sarcasm
  4. I wondered why could't you be a supporter 4 life because it seems kinda unfair that we have to pay 20 dollars a month.
    FrenchToast :p
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  5. How about this:

    You pay 1000K, and you become iron supporter.

    2000K Gold.

    And 5000K Diamond. :D
  6. It's not unfair. The point of supportership is to help pay for running the servers. The perks are just there so you do get something in return for spending money for free members to play here. Without our supporters, EMC would be a lot smaller, or might not even exist.
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  7. Hes not asking to buy actual supporter...
    He's asking if its legal to pay other players rupees, then they pay real money to buy supporter. So basically gifting it with a cost.
  8. How bout no.
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  9. Hmm, it is kinda of tempting. What is player A gets payed rupees, but does not buy Player B supporter? I see HUGE conflicts in the future with this idea.
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  10. Cool idea! That would be nice, but then everyone would be just getting those rupees back... and the point of becoming a Supporter is to help EMC work and grow, and donating cash to help add new things to it.
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  11. I've brought this up several times with multiple admins & moderators, it is NOT allowed. There are too many things that can go wrong and it can bring up trouble on the other end.

    I've tried it several times to bring it up with them and each time a rather true defensive reasoning was given.
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  12. Indeed, it can go wrong. Becoming a Supporter is SUPPORTING EMC by donating cash. Rupees can't really do anything with helping to updated the empire.
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  13. It could be dangerous. If you need a the password, anyone can easily hack your account, or scam you after you've paid them. But with the great players we have on these servers, it hopefully would never happen.
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  14. Actually how it would work is the seller would pay ICC and he'd manually promote the buyer. Like I said though, this is in fact illegal.
  15. what if both parties are willing to take the risks?
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  16. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! It will cause forum wars and contentions across EMC. People will be sending threatening messages to one another! Money will be lost! It would be easier for them to just buy supporter-ship.
  17. Like I said, it's illegal no matter what. There IS, however, an exception.

    If you ask somebody to buy you supporter for rupees, that's illegal. If you advertise buying supporter for rupees, it's illegal. If somebody else OFFERS YOU supportership in exchange for rupees, however; that is acceptable. But you may not ask first if you are the buyer.
  18. I know, I'm responding to a different post. Read the one I quoted.
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  19. This post of JackBiggins' probably applies to the OP here as well:

    At the same time plenty of people have had other people buy Supportership for them. Pretty close, but the spirit of the two are different. The proposal in the OP is not quite the same as a friend gifting a month of Diamond or similar so probably would be considered against the rules.
  20. Maybe this thread should be closed...
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