[Buying] Staff Heads and Team Member Heads

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  1. Hey, I recently started a Staff/retired staff head collection also Team member heads.
    Looking to buy them off of you or you can donate or lend it to me.
    The Heads I'm looking for is...

    Aikar Heads:
    • Aikar's Head (Banner Contest 2014)
    • PVP Aikar Head
    • Aikar's Head (2015 B-Day)
    • Purple Aikar Head
    • Aikar's Head (12/23/13 Drop Party)
    • Regular Aikar Head
    • Super Aikar Head (Killed Aikar in OP armor at PvP)
    • 2016 New Year Aikar Head
    • 2017 New Year Aikar Head
    Krysyy Heads:

    • Light blue (Regular head)
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Orange Krysyyjane Head
    • Yellow Krysyyjane head (Only one in existence, in Ultipig's possession)
    • PVP Krysyy Head
    • Purple Party Krysyy head
    • Rainbow ( Not released yet)
    • Red (Not released yet)
    • Indigo (Not released yet)
    Senior Staff:
    • BigDavie
    • The_Boulder
    • RainbowChin PvP Head
    • Regular Rainbowchin Head
    • Chickeneer
    • Hashhog
    • amadai
    • AlexChance
    • Melk73
    • Dreacon78
    • NickkG
    • JackBiggin
    • Seffychan (Current head, she changes sometimes)
    • LuckyGreenBird
    • HxCami10
    • MercenaryCrow
    • BurgerKnight
    • iamcavie
    • DWmom
    • crystaldragon13
    • Aphaea (Got on loan)
    • TheDarkModRises
    • Eviltoade
    • Baradar67
    • ArchDukeMelon
    • Dramanya
    • MrSocks75
    • ElfinPineapple
    • AnonReturns
    • BreezyMan
    • carolmoss
    • weeh
    • Zion_Moyer
    • JDHallows
    • FDNY21 (Have on loan, still looking for one for myself)
    • samsimx
    Contribution Team:

    • AlexChance (Also on the Staff list)
    • deathconn
    • FDNY21 (Have on loan, still looking for one for myself)
    • ItsMeMatheus (Also on the Senior Staff list)
    • jkrmnj
    • jrm531
    • Kephras
    • kevdudeman (Have on loan, still looking for one for myself)
    • Phelps4
    • Qkazoo
    • RainbowChin (Also on the Senior Staff list)
    • ShelLuser (I think, he have not given any out, but I'll have him here just in case)
    • SoulPunisher
    • UltiPig
    • poofasaurus
    • BlinkyBinky
    Build Team:
    • 820327
    • NotSure1087
    • AlexChance (Also on the Staff list)
    • B4DMAN5IMON (Also on the Senior Staff list)
    • Kephras (Also on the Contribution team list)
    • Melk73 (Also on the Staff list)
    • MrSocks75 (Also on the Staff list)
    • Roslyn
    • CDJS
    Stream Team:
    • AlexChance (Also on the Staff list)
    • JackBiggin (Also on the Staff list)
    • HxCami10 (Also on the Staff list)
    • PeculiarPotato
    • Sachrock
    Well Known Alt Staff Heads:

    • The_Pebble

    • ChickenEar

    • Aikarias

    • MoonbowChin

    • ForumUser
    That's all of them, these heads will be displayed in a Museum in the future. If you do want to donate or lend a head to my future museum, you will get credit for it, a sign will say "kindly Donated/lend by ...)

    PM me if you want to sell, donate or lend any of these heads to me. :)
    If you've lend a head to me, then you can take it back at any time.

    You can now check out my Collection at @1911
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  2. Thanks for the info:)

    My source of information might have been wrong then..."cough cough, Jack":rolleyes:
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  3. I have a regular RainbowChin head, PM me and we can discuss it :)
  4. do u want a mar-something head its red I think? its lore is something about burning
  5. Sorry, I already have 3 of those. Don't need any more of them
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  6. I have an Orange Krysyy Head I may be willing to sell
  7. SEAN!!!!
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  8. ZUCOZ!!!!
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