[Buying] Sand/Sandstone/Cactus/etc

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  1. Heya.
    I need a lot of stuff that relates to the desert mostly.
    Anyone sell these items:
    Cactus Should be enough now.
    Smooth sandstone

    I can't really estimate how much items i listed I'm actually going to need, the project that I'm building is in utopia.
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  2. ive got like 10 stacks of cactus what will u pay for them
  3. D1223m's first res on SMP3 has a free cactus farm.
  4. What are you making now? I can do some cactus supplies.
  5. Because i can't estimate how much supplies I'm really going to need?
    I'm collecting some sands right now.

    2k i guess?
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  6. Let me work on tryin to get you some sand/sandstone. May take me a bit.
  7. How many sandstones are you planning to make?
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  8. alright ill get taht cactus for u right away, what server?
  9. SMP5 10011
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  10. can u get on now! like right now or i gtg
  11. nver mind i put it in the chest
  12. i need my money though
  13. Paid.
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  14. Yeah I sell it all at 13131
  15. I might have some sandstone/smooth sandstone in stock at 4266, smp2, if you wanna go check it out :)
  16. Sand and sandstone at 2600
  17. Bump.
    I need moar sandstones.
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  18. i sell :D very cheap
  19. What res?
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  20. 5 cacti for 4 r, is that acceptable?