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  1. Looking for a new skin, yo
    Will pay 100k if I use what you submit, I have the right to turn down anything I don't like though, of course.

    Kingly (robe, crown, whatever kings wear I dont know)
    Godly (light colors, cause you know that'd look sweet.)
    I would like to keep my current skin's face but everything else can go including the "hood" and I'd like a mouth too :p
    Be creative and stuff

    If that is too vague let me know, I really don't know what I want and kinda hope what I see from you guys so I can be more specific :)

  2. can we get your skin file?
  3. Edited OP
  4. I'm holding a spot for miself.
    Might do this later.
  5. i rhink i might just try this one out. :) how do you want it "delivered" for imspection?
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  6. Having troubles with a crown, but I have a great idea.
  7. All hail Samsimx.
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  8. PM or posted on here is fine!

    If you want to submit it without the crown I might still like it :)
  9. A knight always serves his king. It will be done, milord.
  10. m'lord*
    *tips fedora*
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  11. I might do this!
    * Saving my Spot *
  12. Welp, not very interesting, but catch xD
    also, robes aren't usually brightly colored so erm... anyway.. catch =P

    skin for samsimx.png
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  13. Tomorrow I'll try to made one :D
    I have also made my own skin and Some others...
    (I do still have one of your heads...)
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  14. I pm'd my entry.
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  15. Going to be closing submissions sunday around 12:00 PM so get them in !
  16. Will there be prizes for 2nd and 3rd?
  17. nope, only the skin I decide to use