[Buying] Mega Automatic Item Sorter!!

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  1. Greetings EMCians!

    Don't you just hate it when you have too much items laying around? And that all your items are divided over all your storage rooms in 12+ residences?

    Well I've reached that point that I can take it no longer.

    I'm looking to buy a mega item sorter! I need this sorter on SMP1, residence 522.

    Are you a tech savvy person and have you built one of these sorters before? Do you want to earn money building another one?

    Please contact me in this thread or via conversation and we'll discuss pricing etc!


  2. Do you mean like every vanilla minecraft item?
  3. Most of the items, yes. Mostly build blocks.
  4. I could do this for the right price and such i love redstone ;)
  5. Are you online atm?
  6. Check out my whole-res sorter at /v 2635 M.
    Got a price range?
  7. I really don't know. I'm looking for one at around 100k-ish?
  8. well i mean its more then a one day project and would cost so much more then 100k
  9. how much more then 100k :p?
  10. Hurk3920 has built one of these on his resume smp6. just for your info, he may be interested in building one for you
  11. well considering the prices of the materials which is honestly quite alot of quartz and the time it takes i can get back to you with an estimate
  12. I could do it for 75k if u supply materials or 150k if I do
  13. Quartz? What do you need quartz for?
  14. The comparators, Ecli...
  15. !00-150k should suffice. :p

    What're the dimensions of your sorter?
  16. If you'd like to come to smp3 6234, I'll show you my new sorter. You can have a look at the design and we can work things out?
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  17. also the price of labor its a huge project xD but i could do it if you wanted me to for a negotiale price
  18. Love how you're busy spending 100-150k on comparators while I'm barely scraping by with 30k... Also, have you tried Youtube? I find it to be less confusing to build things myself. :p
  19. you can make one yourself and save a lot of rupees ;) that is, if you know how to make it without messing up
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  20. Do what you want, but just to warn you, it will lag you big time.
    Apocryphan and some other players turned a whole res into a donation center item sorter for a big project, and the lag was horrible, worse than anything but firework glitches.
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