BUYING back my dropped head @ PVP

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  1. My head may or may not have dropped up to a dozen times today @ The Kill Chin Event on smp6.

    I'm Buying My Dropped PVP Head
    1,000 R

    My Head Look Like This,

    It Also Looks Like This,

    Since It Was PVP You May Recognize This Hooded Face.

    Or You May Have Seen This One.

  2. You dont have a face.. You have a hood.. Nub
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  3. A Hooded Head is still a face. lol
  4. I'm making a new law

    It isn't :l
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  5. Now I know 1 head had to at least drop. I did get my virtual butt handed to me in the pvp arena.

    I get it. You've found a Tower head and want to wait until I'm Staff to sell it.

    I'll make this one time offer to buy back my head for 5,000 rupees.

    All it takes is just a pm to get the virtual bucks.



    My head looks like this only it dropped so the pixels are smaller and it looks differently now.
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    10,000 rupees

    My final offer

    Last time I'll ask


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  7. May I ask why it is so important to you? I mean, you did grow a new one, right? What's the big deal?
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  8. I don't think anyone wouldn't sell it for 1k but would for 10k, honestly.
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  9. What you asked can't be given it must be earned.

    I don't like my heads floating around EMC. I prefer them in a chest on my res or made into a firework.