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  1. I have reached my limit. I have lost to many times. I want any ench book, sword, bow armor, I want to win. When you post, post the cost to. I will win. Prometheus always does.
  2. There's a bunch of randomly enchanted bows in front of my first res xD the single-enchanted ones are 40r; multiple-enchanted ones are 50r. Multiple enchants can be anywhere from 2 to 4 different enchants :3
  3. The trick is to use a ham hacker :p And have fully enchanted gear.
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  4. No no, 2013 turkey slicer and marlix bow and prot IV and thorns 3 on every piece of armor =P plus str pots, instant health splash pots, and notch apples xD if you wanna be serious.

    Though i actually downgraded my weapons a bit to unnamed diamond sword and bow with lesser enchants but they still work fine.

    Edit: and i dont use consumables, not even food xD
    Edit2: and i messed up my armor... Instead of prot IV i have fire prot IV on two pieces of armor, proj prot IV on another, and prot IV on only one xD
  5. I shall win! :D Also, Ham Hacker does the most damage: 13.50. Marlix Bow is OP, God bow with flame 2 is OP, prot 4 and thorns 3 on all armor plus extra enchantments on the boots and helmet if you would like. ;)

    Maxed out splash potions if you want to be very OP and make people mad :p but they usually don't team up on you.
    Using gapples (enchanted golden apples) makes people extremely mad and they will team up on you.
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  6. When i had a marlix bow 5 people teamed up on me. I killed them all over 10 times before i died (mostly 'cause i wasnt healing 'cause i dont even bring food >.>)
  7. Thanks all! I will check it all out! You should become afraid!
  8. Find me ingame about armor and tools.
  9. are you on right now?