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  1. Have you purchased enchanted books before?
    Oh no, you paid too much!

    Have you wanted to purchase enchanted books but didn't?
    Of course you didn't, they are too darn expensive!

    That is until now!
    SMP4 /v Gweeedz (Three E's and a Z)

    We have the lowest priced enchanted books on any server* and have a solid supply chain to maintain inventory levels. We stay stocked on the books you need to kick butt and take names!
    It is our desire to make these amazing enchanted books available to EVERYONE, any time.
    Here is an example of our everyday low prices:

    Infinity I............425
    Unbreaking III..525
    Fire Aspect II.....530

    Come on down to SMP4 and check out the selection and prices, it's worth a trip!

    /v Gweeedz
    /v +books
    /v 8548

    *I've search every server over the last few weeks and haven't seen a single book (that was in stock) at a lower price than ours. Anyone can put out a low price but if there is no stock then it doesn't mean anything.
  2. Like it. Took some books out of your stock :)
  3. Thank you! There were 3 chests that went empty while I slept - inventory is back up!
  4. Omg thank you so much! I've been running to smp9 to get books and it's like 2-3k for his books! Be ready for a crap load of money, sir ;)
  5. Great prices and always seem to be in stock. This shop deserves more recognition. :)
  6. Thank you very much for your support. I wanted to "right price" these books, meaning I provide prices that are fair with an infrastructure that allows me to maintain stock levels. It was a little crazy this AM but levels are high again - some of the more popular items have 100+ items ready.
  7. I have been looking for books my whole time I am on EMC really love the shop if you are online please contact me I have some questions and more and I have some cool ideas for you. Well love the shop :)
  8. For sure, thanks for stopping by the shop and I will answer any question you may have. I would love to hear your ideas too.
  9. Wow there goes my Idea :D Nice store, just sad that i paid way too much for Infinity a week earlier ;)
  10. Nice! I like your place, unfortunately I have no money :D ill try to get some because these are great prices
  11. Don't worry, there will be stock when you get money (don't forget to vote every day).
    The response has been great! I was leaving about 100 of the more popular books in the chests but they got emptied three times by only 3 users so I decided to stage the inventory replenishment. This will ensure that everyone gets what they need. I don't mind if other stores are replenishing their stock (I welcome it) but I also want to make sure the daily users get their fix as well.

    More every day low prices

    Silk Touch I ...........380
    Depth Strider III ...745
    Power V .................895 (New Rollback!)

    /v Gweeedz
    /v +books
    /v 8548
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  12. Yay :) got 2 infinity books
    Thanks Gweeedz :)
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  13. My pleasure, glad you got some! There is a rash of people buying to resell, it's a grind to keep inventory up but I'm doing it - just look at my TEXP number for this month! :)
  14. I'm not seeing the Depth Strider books atm.
  15. They are there, I will restock once I can log back in. It seems that 3 or 4 items are emptied every time I go out and experience real life. Time to stop that outside nonsense right? :)
  16. Just bought some books in fear that this offer won't last long. I'm a hoarder :]
  17. This shop is absolutely amazing... I bought almost a DC of books ;)
  18. Don't worry, the prices and inventory is going to be continuing - no need to hoard!
    I am currently working on processes to increase inventory levels, and there is also room for a few price drops once I source a few better suppliers. :)
  19. Top prices, excellent shop, keep it up :D
  20. Thanks Slooshie! I am going to the cottage this weekend with limited online time so don't be concerned if some items go out of stock, they will be replenished as soon as I get to reconnect.
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