[Service] Blacksmith (OP tools and weapons)

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  1. pm me if you have a res voucher to sell
    and 17175

    NEW! Shop system for OP blacksmith, on floor 6 of /v 17040 or (tag soon). Not always in stock but now you can buy the enchanted item you want directly from my OP shop on smp8!

    Only picks, axes and armor are available atm*

    Hi people, I got a new service where you can order weapons, gears and tools with great enchants and in almost any levels. Hope you like this service if you have anything pertinent to say like ideas, have a good deal, help me or any other things you can PM me. ALL MADE OF DIAMONDS!

    Payment first, mailed free if the order costs more than 40,000r or is only one item. If I get a cancel, you are ban and reported since no chargeback is possible once the order as start.

    E = Efficiency U = Unbreaking F = Fortune ST = Silk touch
    S = Sharpness Sm = Smite A = Bane of Arthropods L = Looting
    U = Unbreaking Fa = Fire Aspect Kb = Knockback
    Po = Power Fl = Flame P = Punch I = Infinity U = Unbreaking
    Pr = Protection T = Thorns Ff = Feather falling Ds = Depth strider
    Af = Aqua affinity R = Respiration
    Ls = Luck of the sea Lu = Lure
    Bp = Blast protection Fp = Fire protection Pp = Projectile protection

    GOD = All possible enchants (type of protection is specified)


    E5-ST1-U3 = 6000r
    E5-F3-U3 = 7000r
    E5-U3 = 5500r
    E4-ST1-U3 = 5000r
    E4-F3-U3 =6000r
    E3-ST1-U3 = 3000r
    E3-F3-U3 = 4000r

    S5-L3-U3-Fa2-Kb2 = 9000r
    S4-L3-U3-Fa2-Kb2 = 8000r
    Sm5-L3-U3-Fa2-Kb2 = 9000r
    A5-L3-U3-Fa2-Kb2 = 9000r
    without Knockback 2 = -1000r
    without Fire Aspect 2 = -1000r

    Po5-U3-F2-I1-P2 = 10000r
    Po4-U3-F2-I1-P2 = 9000r
    Po5-U3-F1-I1-P2 = 6000r
    Po4-U3-F1-I1-P2 = 5000r
    P03-U3-F1-I1-P2 = 4500r
    Without Flame 1 = -1000r
    Without Punch 2 = -1500r
    Without Infinity = -1000r

    Helmet-Boots :
    Pr4-U3 = 5500r
    Pr3-U3 = 4500r
    Pr4-U3-T3 = 8000r
    Pr3-U3-T3 = 7000r
    for Feather falling 4 on boots = +2500
    for Depth Strider 3 on boots = +2500
    for Respiration 3 on helmet =+2000
    for aqua affinity on helmet = +1000

    Chestplate-Legging :
    Pr4-U3 = 6000r
    Pr3-U3 = 5000r
    Pr4-U3-T3 = 8500r
    Pr3-U3-T3 = 7500r

    Sword :
    S5 = 3000r
    S5-Fa2 = 4000r
    S5-Kb2-Fa2 = 5000r

    Axe :
    S5 = 3000r
    S5-E5 = 5000r

    Aror :
    Helmet-Boots :
    P4 = 3000r
    P4-T3 = 5000r
    Chestplate-Leggings :
    P4 = 3500r
    P4-T3 = 5500r

    for feather falling 4 on boots = +2500r
    for respiration 3 = +2000r
    for aqua affinity 1 = +1000r
    for Depth Strider 3 = +2500r

    GOD Armor of protection 4 : 41k total 40k!

    Full P4-U3 Armor : 23k 20k!

    Full P4-T3 Armor : 21k 18k!

    100k order : nothing Free GOD sword!

    More to come...


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  2. --[+]--How to order--[+]--

    -Item you want
    -Name to send mail

    *Payment must be done when I confirm the order in PM or on the thread with you
    *After 2 items mail fee must be paid
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  3. You have a few grammatical errors but, looks like a good service :)
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  4. yeah I'll have to work on that but thx :)
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  5. when will this start?
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  6. when i get someone to order something
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  7. Bump OP tools weapons and gears all waiting to find new users !
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  8. Pr4-U3-T3 = 7000r chestplate. Can you deliver? If so, great. I will pay you upon receival. (Tomorrow) Chief_McCloud, in case you can't see my username.
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  9. sure i can craft you that
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  10. Sweet! I'll try my best to be on tomorrow. what server you on?
    could I get a riot shield to? Thanks!
  11. You can count on me buying from you in the near future :)
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  12. I'm on smp8 and sure thx for buying the shield
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  13. Sweet, I'll be on at around 3:00 Eastern time. Tomorrow.
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  14. Item you want:
    • Helmet Pr4-U3-T3 = 7000r
    • Chestplate Pr4-U3-T3 = 7000r
    • Leggings Pr4-U3-T3 = 7000r
    • Shoes Pr4-U3-T3 = 7000r
    • 2xPick= E4-ST31-U3 = 6000r

    -Price- 40k
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  15. Chief_McCloud your command is ready : 1xchestplate Pr4-U3-T3 and a Lore item Destroyer RIOT Shield.
    Total 7500r
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  16. Sweet I'm on right now
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  17. Ive send it you can pay me when you get on.
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  18. Waiting list on 0/5 its time to order !
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