[BUYING]Access to an efficient XP farm

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  1. Hi guys, I am consistently needing to repair tools but my end farm broke and I dont have the time right now to build a new one.

    I am willing to pay a decent sum of money for access to an XP farm, I do not want access to a single spawner farm or something. Cant be on smp8 or 6.

    Send me a PM with how much it will cost me and what type of farm it is :).

    Thanks guys, gonna leave this here:
    Guidelines to selling spawner locations.

    EDIT: I am only looking for temporary access and wont be there all the time, I plan on making a farm of my own in the near future.

    EDIT2: I am looking more for an enderman-pigman-efficient darkroom xp farm. I have the money to pay for access. :)
  2. Is there such thing as an "Efficient" XP farm in 1.8 on EMC ?
    I know all of my 1.7 EMC Efficient farms (and I had/have several types) are now much much slower.
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  3. My 1.7 end farm is much slower. Im just looking for something... more efficient? It a bad transition from having fastest 0-30 farm to not having something that cant get to 30 in decent time at all :(
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  4. yall rlly need to quit building public farms on the smp6 end theres three now and the stragglers keep ending up at my private place
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  5. I may be wearing a tin hat here but there has been murmurs for a while now that the efficiency loss to most farms came after the time that Aikar made a change to (enraged) mob spawning in water. Before then, but during 1.8, hardly any people seemed to have any issues. But after then, this "loss" of efficiency occurred.
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  6. I think... you are right....

    *Screams to Aikar* Fix it!
  7. I've been considering building an enderman XP farm, and the design I plan on using only works in 1.8+. I estimate about 5 seconds to level 30.
    cobblestone, enderpearls (to spawn an endermite), 2 minecarts, a nametag, some rails. that's it! really cheap! :D
  8. I recently built one and only get about 20 spawns total in a minute. I think jkjkjk is right.
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  10. I think Aikar told me it was vanilla code at one point, possibly before that I forget...
  11. Why don't you use voter's tools that don't break?
  12. Some things are better then voters such as insta mining. I am starting a bulk items shop soon and I want to be able to insta mine and repair my tools over and over. :)
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  13. ah okay, I gotta admit I haven't used anything but voters armor and voter's tools since I got them. I have a couple DCs of diamonds that haven't gotten touched in months. Have fun insta-mining :D

    The only XP farm I knew about on SMP8 got griefed and destroyed so I can't help there.
  14. I am not suggesting that Aikar is fibbing, but accidents do happen. If 1.7 spawn code = 1.8 spawn code = EMC spawn code, then I would suspect that something is interfering with the EMC code.

    Edit: My suspicions stem from that almost all farms that have been having issues are farms with spawning spaces in close proximity. If you run through dark terrain or visit an untouched ocean monument, spawns are fine. But natural spawns in close proximity are much lower than previously.