Buying a logo for youtube channel

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  1. Hey EMC

    I seek you professional photoshoppers attention, and i hearby make this thread:

    I need a youtube banner for a youtube channel to put in this thingy:
    The resolution of the picutre must be 2560x1440, or your picture will not be considered for the channel - for whatever reason I can max use 2MB for the banner so keep it below that.

    The picture must say Crabcaster with like so big bold letters and some sort of fancy background.

    The logo/banner that I select will be used for the channel and as a reward for the work the creator put into it he will be awarded 200,000 rupees.

    Thanks for reading and good luck photo shopping.

    Size Guide:

    Amazing Paint Skills:
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  2. I'll see if I can work on something this week. I have some questions though.
    What kind of channel is it? If gaming what kind of games do you play?
    What's your favorite/preferred color?
    When's the deadline?
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  3. It's a gaming channel, and we play H1Z1. (Zombie Game)
    I like Black, Red and Yellow.
    There is not an exact deadline, once I see something good I will use it and send the creator 200k :)
  4. I made the part of the banner you have in the picture (The box with the name in it), but I'm not really sure what should occupy the rest of the space in the background. Is there anything specific you want to be there?
  5. What matters is the name must be there, the background is all up to yourself.
  6. bump, any crazy designers out there :)? Logo logo loco :D
  7. Do you want it to look technical and futuristic or moderny type of style?
  8. Make it look fancy, if I was to choose from the three styles you said; Moderny.
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  9. Do you already know what things you're going to do with it in the future?
  10. Games.

    By saying that I mean; keep it simple'ish - Make it say: Crabcaster and have a fancy background - that is all I ask for, I do not want the picture filled up with game titles and such that I may not be playing the in future.
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  11. so do you need a logo or a banner? or both?
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  12. What did you have in mind for the background? I can sell you a banner, but won't enter it as a contest entry
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  13. Just fancy stuff, not really anything special (no words, no logos or anything, just fancy)

    Send me what you make, and I'll pay your standard price, and another 200k more if it's selected as winner. (if you don't want the price, you can just send the rupees back)
  14. When I think of a basic fancy background, I think of this, but I don't know if this is the background you want for zombie games. So are you going to play some totally different games or are you only going to play zombies? otherwise I'll make something else :p
    Another question: where do I send you the photo?
    Schermafbeelding 2015-02-24 om 09.50.39.png
    I have it at the right resolution and stuff but EMC doesn't show it that way :p
    EDIT: just click the image then you will see it :p
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  15. We will be playing all sorts of games.

    Picture recieven, thanks for your entry!
  16. If it can be cropped to 2560x1440 without loss of quality, will it be considered?
  17. oh It was more like a try-out about what you like about it and what you would like different :p
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