[Button] Add an ''Appeal Ban Here'' button to the homepage

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Big Red Button?

Yay 26 vote(s) 76.5%
Nay 3 vote(s) 8.8%
I don't care how, just fix this ''problem'' of sorts 5 vote(s) 14.7%
  1. Hello Emperians,

    We've all seen them, ban appeal threads. They keep showing up and we keep on telling everyone that it's the wrong way to appeal a ban.

    I say it's time to act, and make it clear how to appeal a ban.

    I suggest EMC adds a big red ''APPEAL BAN HERE'' button, which will send you to an ban appeal page, where (if you're banned) it'll show you who banned you and why and then add another big red button saying ''Start Conversation To Appeal Ban Here''.

    This will get rid of the Ban Appeal threads and make it so that people can appeal their bans correctly in one go!


    Please post them below!

  2. I assume it'll only appear if you're banned in game. If so I agree :)
  3. That is the idea yes :p Otherwise non banned members would have to look at this big red button on the homepage tempting them to press it XD
  4. There's 2 (possible) issues with this:

    1) Compared to the amount of people that are banned and appeal it correctly, the amount of people doing it incorrectly is pretty small. Maybe 4-5 each week? It might not be worth it.

    2) I'm not sure if this is still the case, but I remember a post saying it's not possible to track who banned a player, therefore there would still be threads popping up. If they don't know how to appeal a ban, they're most likely not sure who banned them or wouldn't remember after it shows up.

    Edit: Something that relates to this; I'm not sure if the database links to the forums informing it whether or not a player is banned.

    Still, if the time that goes into it is worth it, a good idea. :)
  5. I think that this should be easily fix-able by adding tracking numbers to bans, for instance if moderator X banned a person it'll say ''playerX banned for ---------------, ban issues by mod1''

    where mod1 can be changed to any number or letter combo to check which mod banned the player. Each mod would have 1 of those codes :p
  6. I'm pretty sure XenForo isn't that easy to play around with the code as SMF or vB would be. I think the issue isn't about the addition itself, more about how we are going to add it.
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  7. It's very likely possible to do, it just might not be worth making it possible. :) Then there's incorporating it into the site, which as Haro said, is a much bigger challenge.
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  8. I feel that if they can put this up:
    They have the ability to post an [APPEAL YOUR BAN] button as well. They just more than likely won't do it.
  9. That part with the link is totally possible, but the part with the ID's and detecting who banned who and stuff may not be possible. I think it would be possible on SMF or vB but not on XenForo.
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  10. It's on the to do list. I want to build an appeal system into square that players access, and that communication between ALL Staff can happen, but i'm sure you all want Dragon Tombs and Empires before that... :)
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  11. Whoa Whoa Whoa. Empires!?!
  12. Not sure, but maybe there's some way something can be done. Some staff don't even accept PM's unless you are following them/they following you. I've had to PM them with the person needing to talk to them like "Hey this person has an issue, just helping them out" *Leaves Conversation* (not banned people, people with glitches and other stuff).

    Edit: Woot Aikar! Just now saw that post.
  14. We already have a thread with instructions that describe how to appeal a ban here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/moderation-appealing-a-ban.25318/

    The problem is, that you have to dig to find it. Instead these guys pick a thread out of the active threads that is remotely related, pick one that they probably think has someone with authority posting in it, or create a new one.

    For something to work it needs to be both more obvious and easier to do than what they have been doing or it won't fix the problem. I think adding a tab to the top that says "Banned?" and leads to the instruction page. Something like the new "Wiki" tab, but it only leads to the instruction page. If it were used, the thread should be closed also so people are not tempted to place appeals there.
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  15. Why is yours blue and not orange...
  16. Profile -> Preferences -> Theme
  17. Thank you but I found it at the bottom of the page.
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  18. The database does track is a player is banned, there is a group on the forums. When a player is banned they lose access to the auctions forum and perhaps other things.
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  19. Ethy ( I think that's his name ) is banned he he can still post on forums
  20. First few times I have seen Max angry at Aikar.
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