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Discussion in 'Official Empire Guides' started by JackBiggin, May 19, 2013.

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  1. PM the mod that banned you

    The correct way to appeal a ban is to send a PM on the forums to the staff member who banned you. You will be told who you were banned by on the message that appears when you try to connect to an Empire Minecraft server while banned. If for whatever reason you are unsure which staff member banned you, PM any moderator and they will add the correct person.

    You can view a list of staff members here. To PM one, visit their profile by clicking their name, click on the information tab, then click on "Start a Conversation".

    An appeal is more than just asking nicely to be unbanned. Stating reasons why you should be unbanned, and providing evidence to support your unban may vastly improve your chances.

    Do not ask other players to appeal on your behalf either in-game or on the forums, as this will not increase your chance of being unbanned.

    If you successfully appeal a permaban, you will be purged. This means:
    • Your rupees will be reset to 1500. However, if you had under 1500r at the time of reset, you will keep that balance.
    • Your residences will be unclaimed
    • Your vaults and inventory will be cleared
    • You will effectively join EMC as a new member.
    You can appeal a permaban once. If you are permanently banned twice then it's game over.
  2. Also, I think this sums it up nicely;
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  3. If the player had less then 1500 rupees, would their amount stay the same?
  4. Very nicely written Jack, hopefully banned players take a look at this before posting on moderators walls xD
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  5. Your rupees are left at the amount you have if you have less than 1500r. You do not gain the rupees a second time for completing the tutorial questions.
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  6. As the thread said, please PM me, and don't post here. :)
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  7. Click here, Title the PM Ban Appeal, then explain what you did, why you want to be unbanned, why you think you should be unbanned, and promise you will never do it again. Don't even try lying, as the staff knows all.
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  8. I understand why we can't post Ban Appeals here on EMC. It's too bad because I really enjoy reading them. I spent almost an hour today reading peoples appeals on another MC forum.
  9. Oh the intense irony....
    Someone posting an improper ban appeal.....
    On the guide how to make a proper ban appeal....
  10. My bad, didn't know how to PM.
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  11. Because they are not meant as a means of entertaining anybody.
  12. There are many good reasons not to allow ban appeals on an open forum besides that fact that they are not for entertainment, and I don't think EMC should ever include open appeals. I just can't help myself, I love reading them. It's definitely a guilty pleasure.
  13. Agreed, some of the appeals are quite funny..... take the one griefer who wanted Bigdavie PERMER-BANNED.
  14. Jack has been posting many post about getting help since he has been a mod... :p Go jack! :D
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  15. This was made before I turned green. :p

  16. Shouldn't the amount be reset to 0? ... and then you 'have to go through tutorial again' and get money in each section?

    I was possibly one of the first players un-banned under the new policy on my wcg account... and when he was un-banned I was in tutorial, and was able to teleport straight out of it and claim a residence after I realized that the choices weren't giving me any money.


    If someone has to start over clean... shouldn't the ability to recieve the original amount of money of joining emc be equally given to the pre-banned player?
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  17. Well... i just Derped...
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  18. Bookmarking this page so I can link to easily when one of those you "threads" pop up ;)
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