[Moderation] Appealing a Ban

Discussion in 'Official Empire Guides' started by JackBiggin, May 19, 2013.

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  1. Please carefully read the first post of this thread.
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  2. I promise you - if you send that appeal to any mod, they'd deny it.
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  3. What do i do since the admin that banned me does not except PM
  4. PM A mod like JackBiggin and tell him to add The Admin that banned you.
  5. Griefing is not allowed on EMC, it doesn't matter where.
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  6. Griefing is griefing, no matter where you do it.
    Just because it's the wilderness, does not give you permission.
  7. Obviously people fail to see the big bold alerts that come up every minute or so on chat and alerts when you go to the frontier saying 'destroying creations or stealing will result in a permanent ban!'
  8. Thanks for the extra bit of evidence for your ban. :)

    Please, PM me to appeal, like the guide says. :)
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  9. Lets say I grief my own build on my own residence, is that still punishable?
  10. It wouldn't be griefing if it were your own creation, would it?
  11. Yes it would be because I would be destroying something that was already built.
  12. /report Cordial_Pie griefing herself
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  13. *Builds a Dirt hut.
    *Destroys it
    *Gets banned for griefing
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  14. What would happen if... You saw someone steal items from you.... then you saw they started building something using your items... and then you later tear down the structure they made using your items, and they screenshot you and report you for griefing... but staff didn't know about the previous situation and had to go based off of word for word ...who would in this case get punished?
  15. The heck did I just read :confused:
  16. Wat.
    Did you read the OP? This is not a thread to post your ban appeal
  17. That was a ban appeal?
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  18. I guess. I could not understand it :confused:
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  19. This thread just keeps getting more entertaining.
  20. *Post threads about properly appealing bans*

    *Instantly becomes headquaters for all incorrect ban appeals*
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