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Discussion in 'Business Listings' started by wonderwoman_16, Jul 30, 2016.

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  1. Thank you LtCaptianMe for creating banner.

    Hello EMC'ers! I am starting a new business where I will supply wood for you! I do not craft, I just give. You can tell us any kind of wood, and it will happen! Down below you will see all of the information in the business. Good luck!

    Paying/Item Gives:
    1 DC = 1,000 Rupees
    2 DC = 2,500 Rupees
    3 DC = 4,000 Rupees
    4 DC = 6,500 Rupees
    5 DC = 10,000 Rupees

    The highest we go is to 5 DC of wood. If you would like just 10 wood, or some other number please fill out this form (fill out the form if you would like to order some wood, too):www.emc.gs/busniess-wood-shop-form. [LINK CLOSED DUE TO MANY ORDERS]Thanks!

    TomvanWijin - 5DC (Planks) - 4DCs (oak), 1DC (birch) | Pay: 10,000 Rupees _ AmusedStew - 5DC (Logs) - Dark Oak, Acacia | Pay: 20,000 Rupees _ lukafolz - 3DC (Planks) - 1DC (oak), 1DC (birch), 1DC (Spruce) | Pay: 4,000 Rupees _ Blondekid42 - 5DC (Planks) - Dark Oak | Pay: 10,000 Rupees _ EquableHook - 5DC (Planks) - Dark Oak Wood - Pay: 10,000 Rupees _ PeculiarPotato - 5DC (Planks) - Oak Wood - Pay: 10,000 Rupees _ Robbi_J - 5DC (Logs) - 1DC (Oak), 2DC (Spruce), 2DC (Birch) | Pay: 10,000 Rupees _ Sachrock - 5DC (Planks) - Oak logs | Pay: 10,000 Rupees _ frenchmenance - 1DC (Planks) - Oak logs | Pay: 1,000 Rupees _ NathanRP - 2 stacks (logs) - Oak Wood - Pay: 128 Rupees _ Lomax70 - 5DC (Planks) - Jungle Wood - 10,000 Rupees _ Dufne - 1DC (Logs) - Acacia Logs - 1,000 Rupees
  2. Are these logs? If so, I submitted a form.
  3. Yes, they are. Thanks!
  4. Form submission complete!
  5. Awesome!
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  6. Oops, made a mistake in my order, so I sent another one. Please disregard the wrong one, lol.
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  7. How long does it take for you to get the wood?
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  8. One to three days, you do not have to pay till it is delivered.
  9. Ordered! Take your time with my order I cant pick up until aug 11th but I can pay anytime!
  10. Ordered, I am in no rush for this :)
  11. Order sent, Thank you ! :)
  12. NOTICE: Orders will now be coming in from one to two weeks, sorry. So many orders.. :p
  13. I sent in an order before the link was taken down and my name isn't on the list?
  14. Yes, I saw. It has not been viewed yet, though.
  15. But I still ordered, so why shouldn't my name go on the list? I mean, it's just a waiting line
  16. I just saw your post, it has been added.
  17. Question, I see in the orders above that im listed as planks, but I was hoping for logs. Let me know if there is a way to change this please and thanks!
  18. Yups :)
  19. Same for me, please. :)
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  20. Yes I would also like oak logs please if that is possible :)
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