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Do you like this idea?

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  1. Hey Everyone !

    I just wanted to see what everyone's opinion on this subject would be. Please don't turn this into a HUGE argument, everyone is allowed to voice there opinion but DO NOT be rude about it.

    O.k so I play on SMP1 and have noticed a lack of people doing ANYTHING at all, I am sorry if this offends anyone but it is true. It seems as everyone thinks they should get everything handed to them and they do not have a clue on how to make rupees so they start scamming and everything breaks loose and makes more work for the mods, also they freak out over freebies..

    SO what I was thinking is that we have something like the "Empire Shop Database" but different, have it as where people can post there type of business (ex. Wood cutting business, wool shearing ect.) . I myself have been looking for people (does not matter what sever) to supply the demand of wood. But it is also very boring and time consuming to go through all the threads and when someone does post their business it get's lost in all the other 100 threads ! So what maybe we could have or someone do is create this. Maybe even have a section where people search a certain item and then this company supply's it in bulk and what not. Yes there are probably a lot of PRO'S & CON'S to this, BUT it NEVER HURTS TO TRY. Just voicing my opinion :)
  2. Copherfield made the emc pro forrums for just this reason, I think secret is running it now.
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  3. So they are working on doing this project? this is what I mean by things getting lost in the forums -_-
  4. No they already have the website done and everything but not many people use it ):
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  5. Ill use it ! lol do you have the link? :D
  6. EMC Pro is terribly unorganised, terribly designed, hard to use and no one goes onto it.
  7. UPDATE: Copherfield has a website for this.. but it looks completely abandon cause I think copherfield and secretazneks left. Soo someone else should do this idea.. :)
  8. I think they should add a forrum section where people can post like a profile for what type of jobs they do what to get payed etc.
  9. HEY! WE DO NOT DO NOTHING! zzzzzzzzz Eye kneed rupes!!! Yeah thats pretty accurate.
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  10. Meh even that can get messy and unorganized. I like the EMC PRO but they totally just gave up on it and left. so ya.
  11. I want to create a forum like this, I have the experience but I don't have the recourses.
  12. *calls computer nerds*
    *pig* Hello? We need you to make a aweome EMC website ASAP!
    *nerd* lolwut?
    *pig* Oh mai goodness!
    *nerd* I can make you a website!!!!!
    *pig* YAY!
    *nerd* Gimme 5,000$
    *pig* *hangs up phone*
    *nerd* Dude! I almost made a friend! :)
    *other nerd* Im going to go back and play the wizards of harry potter.
  13. we could start a thread like the allowed mods thread and just have it be recommended stores and such~ maybe have it pinned to the top of a topic or something.
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  14. Tear why are pigs story so good lol here u go
    "that will do pig that will do" :)
    And sounds like good idea
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  15. yeah, websites are freaking expensive lol.
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  16. I'm sorry about this. I have a very busy life right now and I can't do much with it. If you like, I can bring you on board, along with JackBiggin and mba if he likes. I DO have access to a computer (my friend smuggled in a netbook ;P) so I ya'll can help if that's alright.
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  17. That would be great ! I don't know really a hole lot of website design but i could try :) Last i heard you were leaving and everything so I didn't really know
  18. if you or anyone needs help with web design, you can ask me, my brother went to school for that crap lol.
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  19. Well im totaly lost in this conversation soooo.............
    rainbow corndog
  20. Reb-dog! :O