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Will you stop by NSEB?

Yes 24 vote(s) 88.9%
No 3 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. Welcome to Not So Enchanted Books, a book store on SMP4. We buy and sell written books, but continue reading for more information on the store.

    Here is the shop entrance. To get to the residence with the shop type in /v +Stories, then all you need to do is go to the entrance and stand on the pressure plate. This is what you'll see once inside.

    On the second floor is the lounge, a place where you can relax and unwind. Complete with enchanting, crafting, and minecart seats. Makes for a wonderful place to sit down and read you new book!

    Now let me tell you what I, at Not So Enchanted Books do. At NSEB I buy and sell books that have been written by myself and members of EMC. If you want to sell me a written book you have to send me a copy via mail or you can PM me first, the author of the book will get 100r per book at a max of 5 books of the same title. I will put the book on display with it's title and the author's name and it can be purchasable by the public.

    If you would like to buy a book simply go buy one from one of the choose chests for 200r. The name and author of the book will be above the chest as said before. We also have a public Anvil and Crafting Table for the community to use free of charge.

    But I hope you stop by Not So Enchanted Books on SMP4 at /v +Stories and buy a book or sell one!

    Rules of Publication:

    The following specifics are required of your book to be sold at Not So Enchanted Books.
    1. Must be at least 2 pages long.
    2. Must be mostly grammatically correct.
    3. Must tell a proper story or offer some sort of informative fact(s).
    4. You must have a minimum of 5 copies of a single title.
    5. You must not already be selling a book at the store.
    Miscellaneous Chest Rules:
    1. Can only be one copy of 1 book.
    2. Must be mostly grammatically correct.
    3. Must tell a proper story.
    List of Books Available:

    By Owner:
    • The Washer Woman - A tale of a great warrior and his clan's fall.
    • Aesop's Fables - 10 of Aesop's Fables.
    • The Kitsune - A short myth of an odd love, told to you by the dragon Vrakroth.
    • Lost Journal - The ravings of a madman.
    • Mob Manual - Offers information about all overworld mobs to 1.11.
    • Assorted Poems - Contains 3 poems ranging from the seasons to despicable creatures.
    By Publishers:
    • Duckpi: Potion Recipes - A guide on how to make various in-game potions.
    • smooshed_potato: The Potato Guide - A guide to the uses of potatoes.
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  2. If you would like to sell my 2 books, you are welcome to do so. I'm not sure if you'd want to though since everyone pretty much knows that if they hand me a book & quill and ask for a copy that I'll give them one for free. Let me know, cheers :)
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  3. Feel free to drop them off anytime you want.
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  4. Lol cool. I like the concept
  5. Thanks.
  6. Half your books are out of stock
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  7. The problem has been fixed. The choose signs weren't working properly, I also added another book to the store.
  8. Oooh, why didn't I see this one before? And it's even on smp4! I'll be sure to drop by soonish to check it out, this looks pretty cool!
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  9. I got 2 slots available, if you would like to sell anything feel free to post here or contact me in a PM.
  10. Every time I see this thread I tell myself I'm going to stop by and take a look. I never do, I always seem to forget. Making a note to actually go and see it.
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  11. I just dropped off three of my books in your donation bin. I hope you like them well enough to add them to your store.
  12. Yay... I made it and bought one of each. Gonna read them later but I can't wait for another new selection. Thanks Shadow.
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  13. Rhy or Duflet will soon be bringing back a new and improved Blizz Ard Guide for 2016. If you would like to donate some Books and Quills (since he's a little low) mail them over his way. You may also donate Books and Quills to the shop through the donation bin next to the crafting table.
    We also have 2-3 slots open and may be having a sale on the book Krampus for the holiday season. So come on down!
  14. Oh! This is amazing~
    So, anyone can submit a book?
    I enjoy writing a lot, so if it's a yes, i'd be delighted.
  15. Anyone can submit. You do get paid 100r per book and I require a minimum of at least 5 of one specific title. Once you have a book ready PM me and I will pay you. Also I should mention I can only have a single title by a specific author in the store at a time.
  16. This is cool :3
    I do have short stories stored away in my storage somewhere on my res :p
  17. We have some more slots still open for people to sell along with something new, the miscellaneous chest! Here's how it works. If you have some books you want to sell, but don't want to make 5 copies or just want to try the store out with some leftovers then this is the chest for you! It has less restrictions but at the cost that you may only have a single copy of a book in it.
    It's open for business and feel free to PM me about any books you want to sell for the new chest that has 30 available slots!
  18. A new book has been stocked called EMC Histories 1 by Raaynn. It's the longest book you'll buy at the shop, so grab one today! If you'd like to sell your books PM me and we'll discuss it.
  19. We are now no longer selling Blizz Ard Guide, unless Rhythmically would like to renew it. If any of you have books you want to sell, please oh please PM me. It's very unamusing going to every server asking if they want to sell some books to typically never get a single answer.
  20. I've got an expansion idea on the way in the form of a totally free public enchantery. The idea would be that it would an enchantment room underneath the book store that would allow anyone to enchant gear and books at the highest levels. The only thing they would need to bring is Lapis, but I may sell that.

    Thoughts on the expansion?
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