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  1. Do you cook a lot of food or smelt a ton of ores but don't want to use up all your coal? Do you want to make an auto obsidian or cobble maker? Well I have opened my Lava shop :D you can get to it by doing /v 14129 or /v +lava (on smp7) I got tired of having lava bucket auctions all the time so I decided to just open up a lava bucket shop! You can buy single buckets for 20r or buy in bulk either 18 or 36 at a time! I also sell DCs for 1k each. I plan to keep my shop fully stocked. You can also sell back your iron buckets to me after you use up your lava buckets in the main room of the shop! So stop on by :)

    I'm limiting bulk orders at 20 DCs max for now til I'm less busy .

    You can now SELL lava at my shop!! Just walk around to the back where it says Sell!! and walk through the lava. Get 135r per 9 lava buckets :)

    I've now partnered with Vortixin! You can now purchase lava from his business Specialty Inc :D https://empireminecraft.com/threads/business-specialty-inc.64213/ There is a limit of 5 DCs from him per order.
  2. how much per dc?
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  3. 1k per DC
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  4. Can I take 64DC?
  5. if that's a serious offer than yes..would you like me to deliver them to you?
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  6. I think he is being serious...
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  7. Ill take 10 dcs, and ifit makes it cheaper ill supply the iron
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  8. I was being serious yes. I'll have you 64 access chests sometime soon. I'll let you know when.
  9. @DanialBuchinger Yeah just message me details like how much iron you'd supply so we can work out a deal and if you'd want to pick it up on my res or have me deliver it to yours.

    @xHaro_Der Ok sounds good
  10. Still have plenty of lava for anyone who needs their lava fix :p I hear the obsidian market is paying really nice right now and you can't have obsidian without lava :p Come get your lava today! Only 20r per bucket or 1k per DC!
  11. I will take one
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  12. I'll have the same what Haro has...

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  13. I recommend you put a limit on orders per person before you accept any more, OP.
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  14. She actually perfectly fulfilled my order yesterday. She has over 100DC on hand :p
  15. will you like to pick up at my res or want me to deliver?

    ok just let me know when you have the chests set up and after you pay I can start delivery

    Stocking up my shop isn't too hard for me I made sure I had storage stocked up before I opened up so big orders aren't a problem for me :)
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  16. paid and set up chest on my res
  17. I'll just give you container xD
    I got an entire set-up for my obsidian farm which is the most likely reason xHaro ordered so much...Anyways when I get on at 2:30 I will be on to give you container at /v 5014 on utopia and where you store it is that GIANT tower of hoppers and chests...start at the top though! I will PM you in-game, then send 64K to your way!
  18. This is true. Though I entirely underestimated how much freaking space 64DC takes up.
  19. Wait until you see that tower I have on my utopia residence, that one is a doosy! Worth it though, 3456 lava buckets can't be wrong ^.^;
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