[Business IDEA] Sean's Giant Block Co.

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What is a decent base price?

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7.5k 9 vote(s) 47.4%
10k 5 vote(s) 26.3%
12.5k 0 vote(s) 0.0%
15k 5 vote(s) 26.3%
  1. So recently I had an idea. What if I had a business that made giant blocks? The blocks are at a 1pixel=1block a.k.a 16x16x16. It needs a base price (Please respond to poll) and would have option #2, either Supply Items or Pay for Items Bought. I really hope this is a sucess and hope I put this in the right section. Thanks guys! -Seanawesome14 Check out the business here :) http://empireminecraft.com/threads/business-seans-mega-blocks.43015/#post-806739
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  2. Aren't blocks 16x16x16 and not 24x24x24?
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  3. Either way I'd be likely to use a company that makes giant blocks. Just to have a giant block.
  4. Well I've already created a giant chest that was using the 24x24x24 but was smaller height wise considering chests are slightly smaller. I'll double check though, thanks for pointing that out :)
  5. Btw I'm making my res into a Mega Block "Home". It is a WIP but will look pretty cool once I'm done, and you are right. I guess I'll make mine that size.
  6. Seems a bit useless to have a giant block but I guess it could be cool :)
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  7. Well aren't houses useless in EMC? XD
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  8. Did you see Sethbling's mega blocks series? :)
  9. Nope. What's that? Does he make giant blocks?
  10. Yes, I'll give you the link when my youtube works again. The cool thing is, he uses redstone and command blocks to make them actually functional. Unfortunately command blocks aren't enabled on EMC though :p
  11. I think this would be a wonderful idea,
    maybe even have a "Hollow' block for cheaper so people could use them as shops or storage. [:
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  12. Minecraft Mega Blocks: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2Qvl4gaBge16-MLQ8oGqBMoDUAILiukj
    He's quite awesome :)
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  13. They are hollow XD It's just so much work for one block...
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  15. Ohhhh I see! Well I'd def buy one. [: Do you do mob heads too? - maybe for a higher price?
  16. Yah. They are the same price as player heads as they are only 8x8x8
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  17. The price should depend on what kind of block it is :D
  18. What do you mean?
  19. For example, if somebody orders a dirt block, that'd probably require the use of dirt, brown wool, etc., anything that's brown. It would be cheap for that.

    And then a giant diamond block would require diamond blocks and maybe lapis or something blue (mainly expensive materials)

    And I have no idea how you were confused about what I meant.
  20. But you pay or give me the materials AND the base price.
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