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  1. Services and Divisions

    Team Red - The official UHC team of The Empire Brothers.
    Erektus GFX - Official graphics artist of The Empire Brothers.
    Cory's Rupee Central - Official rupee dispensary of The Empire Brothers.
    Empire Prices - The most used price list on the forums!
    Empire Player Cards - A fun thread where you can view and eventually collect trading cards of your favorite Empire Players. (To be revived soon)
    Current Projects

    Empire Brothers Tower - A 30 Floor skyscraper built of quartz, coal blocks, and other nice looking materials. This project is being built by f_builder_s and his team.
    Budget: 1,500,000 Rupees

    Omega Warehouse - One of the largest storages on Empire Minecraft, this project is being built by Completition.
    Budget: 300,000 Rupees

    Current Giveaways and Events

    Cory's Rupee Central - This is a daily giveaway, and everyone wins. You complete tasks (usually questions on the thread) everyday and get a certain amount of rupees for doing it!

    500,000 Rupee Giveaway - This giveaway was created to get the "Empire Brothers" name out there, and it's definitely worked. Seen the avatar around a lot? I don't doubt it. (Link can be accessed from the Cory's Rupee Central thread)

    Company Purpose

    Empire Brothers is a company completely aimed towards improving the community, and all services we offer are non-profit and benefit all members of the community. So far we have given away nearly 200,000 rupees on "Cory's Rupee Central" since last Friday, as well as released some interesting limited edition Halloween Items for the community to enjoy.

    The company will be catapulting the the front of all things giveaways and events in the next few months, as we plan to give away over 5,000,000 rupees in items and rupees. But even though we are a non-profit, community benefit company we are also an advertising agency, as we show very well with our threads "Empire Prices", "Cory's Rupee Central", "Empire Economy", "Shop Listing", and "Erektus GFX" as well as all the referral contest we win.
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  2. Nice OP, very clear indeed :p
  3. We wanted to be as detailed as possible.

    A.K.A Cory accidentally hit the post button.
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  4. Woo! Empire Brothers!!! (Not to insult HF industries...)
  5. I support the Empire Brothers.
    ... Except that it doesn't include sisters >.>
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  6. Girls are scary, so >.>
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  7. I support the Empire Brothers!
  8. I support the Empire Brothers.
  9. "I support the Empire Brothers!"

    Love the services guys! thanks for all of them ^_^
  10. I support the Empire Brothers!
  11. I support the Empire Brothers!
  12. I support the Empire Brothers, Sisters, and Puppies!
  13. "I support the Empire Brothers!" on this thread
  14. You can't be non-profit and a company. They are mutually exclusive in your context, What this is is a non-profit business venture.
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  15. I support the Empire Sisters lol jkjkjk I support the Empire Brothers
  16. I support the empire brothers!
  17. I support the Empire Brothers.
  18. The services we offer are non-Profit, but the company does run profitable businesses so we can continue to offer those services and giveaways.
  19. long live the Empire Brothers!
  20. I support the Empire Brothers!