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  1. GOAL OF THIS SERVICE: Make businesses more appealing with better looking logos, as well as the look of member's signatures for when new/potential EMC members see them.

    Erektus GFX Returns

    The signature below was made for and won ElfinPineapple0's signature event.

    You can view some of my other work here.

    I promise I will work on your image until you are satisfied with the look, feel, color, and anything else you may be concerned with.


    Please reply to this thread with the form below filled out;

    Logo or Signature:
    Image Details (Be as detailed as possible):
  2. Could you do one for my Zikko's NewsStand?
  3. Will have one for you tomorrow.
  4. I want one for my username lol. =P How much is it?
  5. Thanks
  6. Free.
  7. Oh. Can I get one for my username then? ^_^
  8. PM me with what you want in it.
  9. RyugaXI's Signature done.
  10. Id like my user in Blue and black/silver with, if you don't mind of course
  11. I just want my username in orange and white/silver, under my username can you put don't call it a comeback?
    Even though you said it was free, I'm still going to give you a tip :rolleyes:
  12. I would love one for my enchanting shop. Sparkles around the logo and an ench table on the bottom of it :) and the title should be "Enchanted Books and Tools Service" Thanks
  13. Incredible
  14. OMG! I love it!
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  15. OMG. i was talking to Nccorgy and I saw he had a bunch of cool logos. And He said it was by you. and then i said, i think he should make a business. Ummm And here we are
  16. Didn't see these orders earlier, will be done in a bit. Start a convo with me as a reminder.
  17. But Anyway… I would Like This Color And the words could be "Selling Promos!" And then ONE Line Under It: By Jstclair41 thanks!