Bulk Log Business

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  1. Ill go with delivery. SMP9 res 19191 I have just sent you the payment :)
  2. Maximum order size has been increased to 50 DCs
  3. 2 DC Spruce
    2 DC Dark Oak
    1 DC Birch

    My math says I owe 38,880. Thanks in advance!
  4. Got it. And yep, your math is correct.
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  5. You got it, as in ready for pick up already? I can pay and grab it right now if so :)
  6. Excellent speedy service! If you need logs this is the PLACE! Thank You Yix!!
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  7. Prices have been lowered!
    Regular logs are now 2r each and nether stems are now 2.5r each
  8. Still open for business?
    In that case I'd like to order 4DC each of nether stems for a sum of 8DC's.
  9. Yep, I can do that. I actually have that in stock, so I can put them in shulkers in an access chest or deliver it, whichever you would prefer.
  10. Paid 69k. Access chest will be fine, I'm guessing on utopia?
  11. ill order 6DC of each wood if thats okay!
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  12. Sure thing! Just for clarification, does this include warped and crimson stems as well?
  13. i want mangrove sexy wood 🥺
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  14. umm, sure, whatever types of wood you provide! :)
  15. shall i pay you now, or when it is ready? :)
  16. I have the logs ready at 5023 :)
    The total will come out to 321,408r then
  17. I am now offering stripped logs at the same rates as the non-stripped variant. Note that this will have some lead time as I do not keep these stocked for on-demand purchase.
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