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Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Maxarias, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. Greetings everyone, we've decided to copy JustinGuy's residence to one of the 120x120 plots, to keep forever, but around the pyramid looks a little bare...

    That's where you come in at! Make a small build on your residences.. Size entries are:

    • Eight 30x32 Areas
    • Four 32x32 Areas
    The 10 winners chosen will get their build placed in the areas around JustinGuy's Pyramid.
    Regardless of who won or not, all entries will have a video of their residence recorded by IcecreamCow.

    Edit: Deadline extended to February 14th, 2015.
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  2. Simply post your pictures in this thread, or send them in a PM to me to be entered into the contest! :)

    The deadline will be February 14th.
  3. wish I could participate but im just not that good at building. Also maybe have a rupee prize included.
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  4. Hey, cool idea and sorry to hear that Justin is going to be gone, but when will the contest end because I have school all week and would rather do it on the weekends. But cool idea and hope I can do it.
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  5. Rupees aren't needed. The honor that comes with this is worth more than everything in EMC put together.
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  6. Yo man, you're making me tear up a little. :p
  7. Will justins original res be reset?
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  8. He's diamond for life, so I guess not. :)
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  9. Will 102 eventually be claimable by a player? Perhaps pick one of EMC's established builders with an open residence to build something epic on it after his pyramid is moved ;)
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  10. 102 will always remain as JustinGuy's residence, however the 120x120 plot (if you /v tribute - bedrock square in the circle with diamond/gold squares surrounding it) will have a copy of that residence in the bedrock square as a tribute to Justin, with the selected builds surrounding it.
  11. What's the time frame on getting one made?
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  12. Would you be able to supply materials for the final build if I wasn't able to source them for an example?
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  13. should be a collaboration with all the builders or something that could be replicated 10 times. that would be awesome
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  14. Gosh, I feel like he just died... I have known him since I first joined and he helped me find a res(he literally walked me there, that's how many members EMC had at the time).

    Well, I hope the winner of this will truly show the personality of Justin in the build. And I hope all new members of EMC will look at this new residence as a tribute to the greatest founder of any Minecraft server ever.
  15. So wait, do we build Eight 30x32 Areas
    Four 32x32 Areas or just 1 of either? :confused:
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  16. lul, just one
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  17. Thanks :p

    EDIT: do we just build whatever? :confused:
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  18. Yes. :p
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  19. I'd love to participate in this, but would it be possible to make our build in a SP creative world and turn in the world file as our submission? It would certainly be much easier, and might allow some members that have fewer resources to participate. Also, when's the deadline for this?
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  20. The idea is to World Edit what the winner's built into the plot, where it would be immortalized.
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