Bug Fix Update 10/25/22

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  1. This evening we sent out an update to fix a few bugs, make some improvements, and add some features for the upcoming Halloween holiday. Below are some patch notes.

    Major changes include hiding past usernames, derelict system changes, faster chunk loading, and a notice about upcoming Halloween changes.

    Username History
    EMC now has a mechanism for old usernames to be hidden from /p. Right now this is a manual process and must be requested through an Admin. Please send a message to chickeneer and Krysyy to hide specific names. https://pm.emc.gs/chickeneer,Krysyy

    We will continue to work on improve this hiding of past usernames, this is a quick solution to reflect Mojang's removal of past name api.

    Derelict System - Forceclaims
    The derelict system has been eased for Forceclaims. Specifically, no user seen in-game in the last 6 months can be forceclaimed.
    Also Voting will give 10 days before a residence can be reclaimed through both system and forceclaims.

    If you know someone needs long term derelict protection for some IRL reason, start a conversation with Senior Staff https://pmss.emc.gs/ and we can have a conversation about the issue.

    The Derelict policy is a topic that is currently under review, but this should ease some of the more immediate concerns. The System does reclaim residences, so although this will prevent the forceclaims the minute someone goes derelict, it is not a long term solution if someone wishes to keep their residence safe. Updates to come on this...

    Chunk System
    We updated our server fork (EmpireCraft) to the latest Paper version. This includes a major rewrite of the Chunk System which is said to be a lot faster. Anytime there is a major rewrite of code, things could break unexpectedly as well. Remember to report in any bugs you experience. https://pmdev.emc.gs/

    Games Server Fixes
    Some game server fix stuff Moople put in :)

    Finally, there are some Halloween changes in this update. Will edit in when the event is released and things are discovered.
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  2. Many a monsters are dropping special halloween candy for the duration of the Halloween events (starting now).

    Disguises are turned on for Town. Instead of writing up a new explanation for these mechanics, I am just going to quote the explanation in last year's halloween thread. This year's Halloween thread will mention this as well.
    New disguises this year: allay, frog, and tadpole

  3. Thx for the consideration and changes made in this update. It reflects well upon EMC.
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  4. Thanks for the update Chicken! The derelict system changes are really appreciated, and seems like a change which will make everyone happier and less stressed out in the future, to have a lesser worry about res being deleted.

    Thanks Moops for fine tuning your fire skills for /games ;)

    As for discovering halloween mysteries, better get to it then :eek: >:)

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  5. It is noteworthy, that 'most' of the halloween new stuff won't be available till the event stuff goes out.
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  6. Updates ! Thanks for an update on the update about the update to be updated when the update for Halloween drops.
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  7. Edited to my first post the following. As indicated, an updated description will be given in the Halloween Event thread later this week.
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  8. Nice! This shows to me that EMC is still in development. :)
    Thanks for creating a new thread for this, by the way, rather than posting it in the thread for the latest update to a new version of Minecraft.
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  9. Yeah, minor fixings are often not deserving of a dedicated thread. This had enough notable stuff I wanted it seen.
    Still have some projects in the works, just not quite ready to press the go button on
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  10. Keep up the good work. :)
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  11. Slight bumparooni. 1.19.3 is out and we have released ViaVersion protocol support for that version. So you can connect with 1.19.2 or 1.19.3. 1.19.3 proper won't be available till later this month. ETA is unknown. Lots of other projects to work on first.