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  1. Hey guys. I've been here a long time, and have never properly introduced myself. Bro, I'm Infinite.
    Hello :) . Some of you may know me by my alt's names (Agozyen, GameKribBro, JarodTheRanga). I like to do redstone, build farms, help players, make rupees, and give things away. If you /p Agozyen, You will see that July 4th was my 500th day. That is the ultimate reason I decided to do an introduction thread.

    I mainly play on smp4, smp1, and Utopia. I am really friendly and easy to get along with :) so feel free to pm me sometime :) . I play on Steam alot too. If you want to add me on Steam, message me in game and I'll send you a friend request :) . When I'm not playing Minecraft, I'm usually playing a random game on Steam.

    I listen to a wide variety of music, stretching from Country, to Dubstep, Rock n Roll, Rap and Hip Hop, just to name a few genres. You may sometimes hear in the background on Mumble xD .

    I'm frequently on Mumble. I am a pretty social person, and am never shy to say hi :) .

    I'm from United States of America, Maine to be specific. It isn't as cold up here as some say it is :p it does get into the 90's. I love playing Baseball, and my favorite store is Best Buy.

    I used to compete in MLG GameBattles for Halo: Reach, 4 or so years ago. I did 1v1's and 2v2's. For all you Halo: Reach players, my favorite weapon was the DMR. Halo: Reach has been my favorite Xbox 360 game so far, just above Call of Duty: MW3.

    Bro_im_infinite was my Xbox Live name. It was a combination of some of my previous names. BLM_Infinite was one. I forgot my other one, but it had Bro in it xD . Back then, everyone I knew online called me "Bro". So It just stuck with me I guess.

    When I first joined EMC, I was at a friends house. He told me him and one of his friends had played it for a week or so, and that I should check it out. So I did. I easily made a few friends in smp4. At the time, and for about 60 or 70 days later, I didn't even know the site existed. I never heard any players mention it. Also, when I was new to EMC, late February 2013, I don't remember ever seeing any staff (green names). All I remember seeing back then was the occasional blue name. A few of the great friends I met back then, are still very good friends of mine now. Apocryphan, Cadgamer101, Ob1bob69, Tinkerbell28, vMCjewel, Smongoman24, SkareCboi, Yugi44p, R0bbieJo.

    I made all my rupees selling random things to Pugfury (I mostly sold orange wool, not sure why orange).

    If I'm missing anything/ left anything out, I'll add it to the post :)
  2. Reserved
    When i update it, ill write the new version on this post.
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  3. Hey! I know know you as the person who resurrected yolaf :p. Glad to see a proper intro :)
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  4. smp4 Rulez...
  5. do u sell supporter vouchers
  6. never have never will
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  7. Bro threw an awesome drop party, longest one I've been to yet. Lots of great loot. I got a Bro head and placed it on my res with a thank you sign. Thanks Bro.
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  8. Hey bro! You seem like a cool person, hope to get to know you more.
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  9. Hmmm ..... Don't think I know u
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  10. Why did you choose your name?
  11. All of the above.
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  12. its a mixture of some of my other names. I explained above :p
  13. It's not my problem
  14. Whats up Bro! You are one of the original players I remember from back when I started!
    Glad to see you still around, and having fun!
    Summer Rules!
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  15. I guess people can still ask me questions if they have any.

    I'll update this later :)
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  16. How did you make your signature?
    Are you a wild west type of person?
    Do you love Stone Slabs?
    Coke or Pepsi?
  17. My fabulous Photoshop skills
    lol what
    who doesnt <3
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