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  1. it doesnt allow them to eat the golden carrots...gives and error.....maybe i need a quick schoolin' on how to use the farm
  2. At the moment I am at school. When I get home I will hop and see if the perms need to be changed. I can teach you if you want btw.
  3. Perms seemed fine. The only error is that 'only owner may ride'. There are hearts for breeding showing regardless to that msg - just feed the second one and you get a baby.
    Horses and mules eat carrots.
    Llamas eat hay bales.
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  4. Thank you, I will try to go over there when you are online and see if I get it figured out. when i click the button to apply the golden carrot it said i didnt have permission to damage the entity. Do i just throw the item out on the ground instead? like when feeding villagers in the wild?
  5. No, damage would be done with a left click.
    Feeding is a right click - Just pretend it is a chicken.

    However, there is a problem with perms. Cannot feed the fast pair, which belongs to MrAdahzi. Perhaps due to his player name change something went screwy??

    I could not feed the fast pair, like 10 times. Then went and fed another pair of horses, with success .... then came back to the fast pair. If finally worked. Something is really wonky there.
  6. I know this is a bit random, but could I have the reindeer I lended you back?
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  7. Thank you for clarifying this Katy
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  8. Yes I can get them to you later. Sorry everyone I have been so MIA I just started school and don't have a lot of time at the moment. I hope you understand. I will try to talk to Ada and the devs to resolve the perm issue, thanks for informing me Katy.
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  9. Bump, I have been away but breedpublic is still open
  10. this is good. :)
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  11. Bump, might add some new horses!
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  12. New horses sounds like a great idea!
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  13. H O R S E !!