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  1. +breedpublic
    Owned and operated by Kryarias and MrAdazahi

    +breedpublic is a free public horse breeding stable located on Utopia at +breedpublic! We have some of the fastest horses/donkeys/llamas on EMC open to the public to breed. Its free of charge!


    135 Speed - 2x
    134 Speed - 9x
    133 Speed - 4x


    128 Speed - 2x
    127 Speed - 1x


    Strength 5 - 6x
    126 Speed - 3x
    127 Speed - 3x

    Golden carrots, sticks and hay bales sold at the stables.

    More horses/donkeys/llamas will be added in the future.
  2. Its really great to be able to say I'm a part of this place. This is a project that started almost three years ago and has been closed for a long while, because if I opened +breed to the public, the horse market would essentially cease to even be a market as my horses are much more capable now. Kryarias messaged me about making another public breeding farm and I thought it'd be a great idea, and now after some hard work, the res is just about ready for the public. The horses here are good enough to reliably produce some good horses for the average player without breaking the horse market. I hope all of you enjoy this, and hopefully, it'll stick around a while!

    Shameless advertising here - to celebrate the re-opening, any player who buys anything from my horse mall (5229@storage) will receive 50% off of their first purchase (I will pay you back 50%) for the opening week.

    I hope to see this place continue to grow and all players on emc able to have good access to fast horses whenever they need. Message me or Kryarias if you have questions or concerns, and yes, the horse donor system is still active (you can add your own horses to +breedpublic to breed with the horses there, just message me!)
  3. This is so cool! I'll def check it out- I've been looking for a faster horse:D
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  4. I can lend you some reindeer to get the speed and jump perks, if you want.
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  5. Sure!
  6. Ok then, I'll mail them to you later today, just make sure you send them back when your done, I have a project i'm gona use them for later :D
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  7. Will do.