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  1. Hi everyone.
    I love custom mobs, With all them special drops. Sometimes i feel quite lucky and go out to see what rewards i can get. I have never seen a momentus or marlix, And i think they are good challenges with good rewards. I want to manage to go to combat with one...but i just cannot do it myself :( Thats where you guys come in. I will fight in the waste of SMP8, So if someone wants go out for fun and boss hunting, I`ll come along with you ;) Reply if you are interested
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  2. meerkat, the custom mobs are so rare that even I have given up. On day one of release of these mobs I killed probably 12-15 momentus, since then.... maybe 1 momentus. The spawnrate is so low that it takes ages to find either boss.

    GL on finding one!
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  3. Hmm, i see your point. Although with a bit of time I might have my chance :)
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  4. If I am online and you ever find one, hit me up and I will come help you defeat one! I have killed a few of each, though they are pretty rare nowadays. Best way to find one is to not look for one, they spawn randomly so just go mining for ages or do something productive whilst waiting :)
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  5. What if i was 4000 blocks out of spawn and then call you :p I recommend we set off together, Unless i was close to spawn. I`ll call you in case :D Thanks
  6. I'm in..., Seen Momentus 2 days ago off west post. Killed me twice:(, and got my own Head. I put it on my wall. Lol
  7. Count me in. I always wanted to fight Marlix and Momentus. When ever you want me to help with the boss message me and I'll come in on the fun.
  8. I'd love to help out. How would the drops be split?
  9. Thanks, if i see any of you online, I`ll call you :)
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  10. Good luck on finding one! For me, they always only spawned when I didn't want them. But perhaps that's the purpose of a boss, really.
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  11. I have only found one by myself since the release of the mini-bosses. I know coolblox100 (also from SMP8) goes boss hunting, so you might want to ask him if he can contact you when he finds a boss.

    Also, you might want to bring other people with you in a group. The spawn rates for bosses increases when there are more people traveling together. The more people you have in your group, the better. :)

    Always be prepared to fight a boss!
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  12. Thanks for the advice, I might propare a group fighting squad ;)
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