Maxarilis Spawn?

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    Now why is it that a Maxarilis boss spawned when I was on level 1 on my player settings? :eek: Also, how did I forget to brig a bow on that mining trip? :oops:
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  2. Could be someone else spawned it, then left?
  3. Lucky.... :p
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  4. I'd tell you to kick the difficulty up to six or seven for good loot, but you appear to be very poorly armed for such an endeavor. :(
  5. It's likely it spawned when another player was nearby and then that person left it alone as Nether mentioned :)
  6. First thing... it's Marlix :p

    Second, and more less important, Player Difficulty does NOT affect spawns. It merely affects what mobs will do to you. A player on Difficulty 1 will have the same spawn rates as a player on Difficulty 10. However, anything below 5 (please confirm) enraged mobs and bosses will not attack.
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  7. Um I don't think that's true. Once I was attacked by a netherhoud on level 1.
  8. Netherhounds don't follow that rule. ;)
  9. Is the Marlix dead? If not, where is this, if I may ask? :)
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  10. He was killed.
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  11. Enraged mobs autoattack starting at three. Bosses autoattack starting at 7.
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  12. Thanks.
  13. Below the minimum, they literally act like vanilla wolves - long as you don't touch them they'll ignore you. :)
  14. Really? I always play on Difficulty 1 and I'm always attacked first...
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  15. I've never had issues with netherhounds attacking me at that level. When I'm on mining adventures - and I always am when in the nether - the level is always at one.

    I've occasionally provoked some for the lulz, but I've never had any attack me unprovoked.
  16. They don't attack me first on 1...

    Maybe you angered them pre-difficlulty 1?
  17. I have been attacked on level 1 difficulty before, maybe they recently changed it?

    Edit: Maybe like boozle628 said, I might have accidentally angered them.
  18. looks like you forgot a pickaxe too
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  19. That's a pretty big thing to forget when you are on a mining trip. :confused:
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  20. Pick broke, that's why i was heading back.
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