Boozle's 1000 day giveaway!

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  1. Hello everyone!
    As you may or may not know, my one-thousandth day on EMC is coming up! For this I plan to do a giveaway! But first, you must listen to a story. :eek:

    One day, in a faraway land called SMP9... a minecraft player who called himself boozle628 logged in...

    He completed the old maze tutorial, and joined the Empire!

    Now seriously, the story.

    One day, I got bored of single player minecraft. I had done just about everything I could think of in my world. I was not the most amazing builder and still am not, but I had a few contraptions. Those were the retro days of... 1.2.4. I then decided I would run a Google search for minecraft servers. At first, I joined the number one listing on minecraft-servers. Bad idea. The economy was dead. People were flying around the town area with hacks. People had donated for moderator powers and were banning people all over the place. I disconnected. I then looked a bit down the list, and eventually logged on to EMC. I completed the maze tutorial with the help of the empire guide (what a pain that tutorial was), and logged on to smp9. As a new player, I hit the /shop. This was the old shop by the way, with the big diamond dollar sign above it. I bought a ton of jungle planks, some glass, and a few saplings. I then claimed a residence and started work on probably the most ugly house that anyone had ever seen. I still remember the two block high ceilings of jungle planks and the attic with a sniper tower at the top. This was way back when you could shoot people's wolves and cats on town property. I have killed plenty in my day. :p I still remember the residence number, 18929.

    I later started up my lottery, which lasted for about a month and got me around 300 rupees per hour. I loved that thing, it allowed me to purchase goodies from herbrin3's shop. (I still remember that place...) Eventually, I was told by my real life friend that there was this cool and easy to install mod that let you fly even on servers. I couldn't believe this, so I gave it a try. It was a very famous hacked client that is still around today, which shall not be named. I could do lots of things other than fly, like x-ray, climb up walls like a spider, turn my bow shots, etc. I eventually said in town chat "Come to thekimber1911's res (the one with the sandstone twin towers) to see me climb up a skyscraper without ladders or vines!" I attracted about five people, then I started climbing. They were all perplexed, so I told them how I did it. In town chat. With a moderator (crazy1080) online. That got me permbanned. I appealed, and was denied at first. I spammed crazy with duplicate appeals by accident, but to this day I don't know if he thinks it was an accident. Anyways, I got denied of course. Recently he told me that he told himself that he would unban me if I was persistent for a few months. That is exactly what I was. Somewhere around November 2012, he unbanned me. I never saw it until March of 2013, as unknowingly to crazy, I had given up after he stopped replying to my appeals. I was overjoyed to see that reply...

    And so I logged on. However, real life things prevented me from doing anything really on the server. So all I did was vote and get about 30k from it, and then I got discouraged because I lost my streak. That summer, summer of 2013, I logged back on to smp9 and claimed a plot. I set up a few chests and went mining. I collected a few stacks of iron blocks, and went monster hunting all the time after that, as the survival update had just come out. I then saw a thread on the forums... "[Hiring] Epic Supply Company"

    I eventually teamed up with EpicMinerMan321 and a few others (including FirstjugBurgerz) to make a supply company. I collected a decent salary from that, and eventually made a beautiful residence on SMP2, unclaiming my SMP9 one. It had a house, (much prettier than my first one) a huge redstone skyscraper, which used nearly a DC of redstone blocks and 4 DC of glowstone... It was beautiful for a while. That residence is 4323, which I am in possession of today. Eventually EpicMinerMan321 was done with the company and "sold" it to FirstjugBurgerz. Here is where I learned how to make infinite villagers. I started a service and made them for people. I advertised being extremely cheap... (so cheap I did not make any profit whatsoever :p) We ran the supply company for a while after that and made a decent profit. Eventually that was disbanded. Later in, a player named kyle12cu1 sold me a diamond supporter voucher for 200k, which was a huge price to pay at the time. I claimed 3110 and 3109 and made a huge mall. The mall was stocked for about 6 days and then ran out. I tore it down afterwards.

    I continued with my in game life, and started to be a little less active. I always checked the forums though, and eventually I gained my activity back. I was so happy to be back and also happy my residences did not reset. I started making infinite villagers again, and now that is the center of my profit. Then, I did a giveaway for 250k on my thousandth day. Whoops, that hasn't happened yet!

    So if you read my entire story, thank you, but if you did not, I do not mind. I will be doing a giveaway featuring 250k rupees, there will be five winners. Each winner will get 50k. I don't need you to post a number, just say something below to enter. Huge thank you to all my friends and acquaintances I have gained here also, you have kept me here. ;)

    The numbers will be drawn on my thousandth day. (Ten days from the day of this post) Good luck everyone!
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  3. That was a very nice story! You have played long in EMC.
    I hope I can reach your levels of Minecraft too!
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  4. [Insert words here]
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  5. Such story. Much rupees. Many ban. Wow
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  6. Congratz, boozle on your 1000th!
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  7. Thanks everyone, and good luck! :eek:
  8. What is your avatar?
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  9. Congrats on 1000 days!
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  10. It is the leaf village symbol from Naruto.
  11. That IS a long story :confused:
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  12. Grats! Very awesome story :D
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  13. Hi this is my first time posting. :) I hope this is right! :) Happy 1000th day!!!!
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  14. I liked the old maze tutorial :)
    Btw, congrats on 1,000!
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  15. *I am now entered* :p
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  16. Congrats on the 1000 days! :)
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  17. Please forgive me for the 5 minute early bump but I want to go to sleep. ;-;
  18. I read the story, I too was banned in my early days due to a misunderstanding ;)
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  19. Your story is very similar to mine, but I didn't start a mall and I got away with hacking for a few months...
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