[BLOG] Stone Slab: Minecraft Block Spotlight

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  1. In this post, zervados opens our eyes to the wonder and use of the stone slab in Minecraft. From stunning build examples to informative snippets, this article is the ultimate dedication to zervados's favorite block: the stone slab!

    Read more: CLICK ME!
    (sorry for caps lol)
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  3. Woah, how old is this post? Sky's been gone for a long while.
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  4. Oh shoot I had no idea you could do that with redstone dust, lol, nice.
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  5. Quite old :p We asked Sky to finish/update it before he left and he kindly did
  6. HAHA, nice!

    edit: Read it. Pretty entertaining read.
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  7. I love it! The content from the Contribution Team inspires me to become a better writer!
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