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  1. An essential overview of the new Minecraft launcher which was released in early 2017. This page will fill you in on how to get it, what it does, and more!

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  2. New blog. This was a surprise. :)
  3. oo a new blog, nice!
  4. Ok sure, I can join!
  5. The Contribution Team has time limits for these blogs and the deadline was last week. In the upcoming weeks, you'll probably see lots of blogs. xD
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  6. wow neat launcher :)
  7. I expected this to be a part of the modded Minecraft tutorial. /joke
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  8. :eek: This is so well written Alex. Thanks for the update and review. What an awesome team.. Alex, TheBoracle, & Slvr! =D Yay!! :D I can't get lost now even if I tried. :rolleyes:
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  9. Well written guide. :)

    1 issue though. 'They will be just fine.' as far as mods. Not at all sadly. I have yet to be able to start a game using the mods that worked perfectly in the old launcher. Not a think was changed. They should be just fine but they are not. Tried updating to the most recent versions and still nothing.
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  10. Thank you :) Yeah, while they're supposed to work fine, in that you shouldn't have to migrate any files for them to load, unfortunately some people have had a few crash issues while launching with them, which I think is written later on in the article. The error codes in the log output might help you identify the troublesome mod, otherwise my best advice would be to try re-installing the launcher as well as .minecraft :( (make sure to save your screenshots/saves/other data you need). People more knowledgeable than I when it comes to java and technical errors may be able to give you some more advanced advice
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  11. This is actually a completely fresh PC install. Was time for a format anyways but still they will not work. Thanks for the tips.
  12. Nice guide. Launcher won't work for me though.
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  13. Thanks :) Which specific issue are you experiencing?
  14. When I try to launch the game it says "Unable to locate java runtime". I've tried reinstalling the game and launcher, and reinstally java, but nothing fixes it. I've resorted to 3rd party launchers, like multimc, to play the game.
  15. Will you be in game again soon? Would be easier to chat there rather than keep asking to try things here and waiting for responses.
  16. this launcher conveniently did not work for me until I
    • deleted Minecraft and all %appdata% for Minecraft
    • deleted all mods
    • reinstalled Minecraft
    • and reinstalled all mods
    Because who cares about those darned Windows 7 users, like anyone even uses that anymore. /sarcasm
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  17. If the new launcher is broken, just download the installer from Minecraft.net then uninstall and reinstall the game. The fixer won't work either. You have to do a full uninstall. Don't worry - it doesn't delete any saves.
  18. The new launcher is terrible. another pile of devs that need to follow the hype of bad colors and combinations that make things only bad readable. (launch options) The font type the use is not one of the best to. looks like it's not using cleartype.

    I really do not understand why devs get this bad trend to put light colored fonts on white background. A bit bigger font would be nice to.