Black Iron [Mass YouTube Series Recruitment]

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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft!
    (I apologize for the enormous amount of text you have to read)

    For some while I have been juggling the idea of creating a
    YouTube series like the original SoI.
    Shadow of Israphael was a hugely successful
    YouTube series that started out as a normal survival series that turned comedy/drama
    after they decided to add a bit of story and some typing characters.

    So I want to produce something of equal story magnitude. I have this huge obsession
    with creating an amazing story, alas, I'm no writer. So I've instead decided to set out on creating a Minecraft story epic. For this I am asking anyone that would be interested in helping
    out, be it by creating custom skins, building the locations we need, being any sort of character,
    a writer, or video editor, we need you! Just fill out ONE of the applications below
    to get started!

    Complete Role List
    Main Character [0/3]^^
    Supporting Characters [3/7]^^
    - yusei10123
    - Neuro93
    - SmashAlphaX
    Random Extras [0/9]^
    Builders [2/12]^^
    - cube45
    - Ultimatixx
    Writers [3/3]^^
    - Dj__Krazy
    - NetherSpecter
    - princebee
    Skin Makers [1/2]^
    - porphos
    World Manager [1/1]^
    - jkrmnj
    Video Editor [1/2]^^
    - sambish20
    Head Architect [0/1]^^
    Graphic Artist [0/2]^^
    Character Manager [1/1]^
    - jkrmnj
    *Roles and total role numbers are subject to change at anytime*
    ^These roles are allowed to apply for other roles with this mark, but only one!
    ^^These roles are limited to being your only role

    Applications List

    Main Character
    Brief Role Description: The Main Character is the one who viewers will be watching as the series continues. We will watch your screens and hear your voices as the story unfolds. You MUST have the ability to record your videos with no watermark. Skype is also a requirement, with a working microphone. Fast typing skills is also heavily emphasized.


    Age (No one younger than 16 please, this is for maturity reasons.) :

    Why should I pick you as THE spotlight role? (At least one decent size paragraph please!) :

    Skype Username:

    Have you done YouTube videos before?:

    If so link your channel or the videos you've been in:

    What program do you use to record?:

    Supporting Character

    Brief Role Description: The supporting character will more than likely play a variety of characters who do not speak with their voice, but the in game chat. Your name will change and you will be all over the place throughout the story. Skin changes will happen periodically. Since the main characters will not have a set script you may have to react quickly to their actions and words. Fast typing skills and thinking a must.


    Why should I pick you? (Paragraph please) :

    Can you fill the requirement of reacting fast?:

    Random Extras:

    Brief Description: This role is just someone you see in the background, and will rarely if ever interact with Main and Supporting Characters. However you may be approached from time to time so typing skills and fast reaction time is a must.


    Can you fill the requirement of reacting fast?:

    Brief Description: This role will be working with the Head Architect and other Builders to create the amazing locations throughout our map that the Characters will travel to. Skype is not required but HIGHLY encouraged to communicate with others effectively.


    Building Experience:

    Brief Description: A writer will basically give all the Supporting Characters and Random extras their roles and personas. They facilitate the story and direct the action slightly behind the scenes. While lines obviously will be unable to be stuck o, writers will be allowed to give cues and write engagements between anyone besides Main Characters.


    Please enclose a small piece of your writing abilites in a spoiler.

    Why should I pick you? (Two paragraphs, because you want to be a writer!) :

    Skin Makers:

    Brief Description: A Skin Maker will be creating a variety of skins for our Supporting and Extras.


    Please enclose links to three skins you have made (The links need to be to a 3D Skin Viewer)

    World Manager:

    Brief Description: The World Manager will plan out where the locations in the world will go that make the most logical and best sense. Good Organization is a must.


    Video Editor:

    Brief Description: The Video Editor will compile all three recordings into one video, as well as create a professional credit reel, intros and outros for the video as well.


    Experience as an Editor:

    Please link me to 3 or more videos you have edited.

    Head Architect:

    Brief Description: the Head Architect will be in charge of designing and carrying out the design for all the locations that will be built. Skype and leadership skills are also needed in addition to obvious building skills.


    Skype ID:

    Please link me to 4 or more significant builds you have done (Videos or picture albums)

    Why should I pick you to be a Head Architect (One paragraph please) :

    Graphic Artist:

    Brief Description: the Graphic Artist will create many graphics that will be needed over the course of the production. Skype is a requirement.


    Skype ID:

    Please link me to an imgur album containing 10 or more of your own works.

    Character Manager:

    Brief Description: The Character Manager will be in charge of keeping track of which characters use which skins and the names attached to them. Organization is a must.


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  2. Fixed the spoilers for you :)
  3. Thank God. They were such a pain to look at!
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  4. Brief Role Description: The supporting character will more than likely play a variety of characters who do not speak with their voice, but the in game chat. Your name will change and you will be all over the place throughout the story. Skin changes will happen periodically. Since the main characters will not have a set script you may have to react quickly to their actions and words. Fast typing skills and thinking a must.

    IGN: yusei10123

    Why should I pick you? (Paragraph please) : The main reason why I think you should pick me is because I have a rather quick typing speed. My typing speed ranges from 70-80 words per minute which is considered higher than the average typer. I am also a quick-thinker and I am able to absorb the information that someone has told me and reply instantaneously, well, not exactly instantly, but you get my idea.

    Can you fill the requirement of reacting fast?: I have a rather quick reaction compared to my colleagues. In my opinion, I can definitely fill the requirement of reacting fast.
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  5. Accepted. Will update the OP when I get on a desktop.
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  6. Application For support Character.

    Ign: Neuro98

    Why should I pick you? : I have a high typing speed (the highest in my high school) at 86 GWAM. This will allow the story to move on quick no interruption. Also I have a bit of a history in comedic acting. (Dont know if this is necessarily relevant) but I played elf in a tenth grade play and was part of an improv comedy group at my school club. I also can react to information quick and come up with improv. This helps me in many ways not just in talking but also improv in lead elec guitar. People tend to tell me that I send texts before they have a chance to think about the previous one lol.

    Can you fill the requirement of acting fast?
    I pride myself in a pretty quick reaction speed in many ways. Improv comedy, and lead guitar in my band. Also, I have a pretty decent set of quick comebacks lol.
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  7. Added
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  8. I'll apply for the writers section once I get on the computer since it is hard to type on a tablet ;-;
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  9. may I apply for multiple?
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  10. As long as the positions you have in mind allow that :)
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  11. by that do you mean i could possibly have 2 positions? What I was thinking was could i apply for multiple so that if I didn't get one i could get the other :p
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  12. So whats the follow up? A group pm?
    Edit: awesome signature fluff. I wholeheartedly agree. U should follow 'dilutethepower' on insta :D
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  13. Look at the ^^ denotations :)
    But yes, just label them to be which if you can please :)
    Followup will come within a few weeks. I want more people first then you will see more action!
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  14. May I apply for builder I've built a mall at 9300 and my current build is at 9111 ( it's half done what u see took me a hour)

    Ign crafter31211

    mainly plays on smp4
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  15. This will not be done on the Empire
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  16. Oh so U mean irl ? If so then I can't participate
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  17. IGN: Dj__Krazy

    Please enclose a small piece of your writing abilities in a spoiler:
    Give me something to write about...
    (Poem,short story,haiku,etc.)

    Why should I pick you? (Two paragraphs, because you want to be a writer!) :
    I should be chosen as one of the writers for the series,since I able to create detailed story, events that will put the characters through conflict through out the story and create an epic story that focuses mostly on the journey to the end,but also has a great closing to the story.
    The story that is going to be created for the series is going to very creative and detailed, it will allow for a very detailed plot that will use all of minecraft's potential. The characters will be very detailed and it will go into their backside (with books and clues to what occurred etc.), the player being the characters will seem like real people in the plot and won't seem like cookie cutter characters from generic stories.
    The events from the start to the end will flow to together and won't be like random parts of movies/video games mashed together, the events will tell the story the characters are going through and others they meet in the adventure. Some events may need extra characters that will only be there for that part of the plot. (I nothing else to say about the events :p)
    The epic story will focus on the events that occur, the story will contain a moral that will bring viewers to come and watch. The story will seem like it comes to an end ,but does not. The journey of the story will be the biggest part of the story rather then the end of the story with a big finale that will create suspense.
    (More like 4 paragraphs)

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  18. I mean private server.
    Let's do short story then :)
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  19. Before the events of the invasion, I lived a normal plain life, hardly talk any of my neighbors. I spent most of my time on the computer playing MMO's and talking my friends from skype. The day it occurred I was playing World of Warcraft and was grinding to cap my third character, a warlock ( I don't know anything about WOW). Then I heard loud sirens coming from the town nearby, it the sirens worried me as I push the blinds to see what is going on. I saw large clouds of smoke rising from the city, this terrified me, I quickly logged off of WOW, turn off the computer and ran to the car. I quickly went to the nearest store or anything that will have supplies. it felt like the right thing to do. I stopped at a marketplace that had about ten stores. I saw people runs in and out of the store carry, what seems to be, stolen items. I ran into the store and took anything that was still left. When I was ransacking what was still left, I thought to myself,could this be a zombie invasion. I asked people what was going on,but no responded and ran away. I finally got to a person and ask them, them replied,"There's like spaceship in the city and it's dropping some type of animals into the city.It seemed like aliens came,so I decided to not go to the city and go to another city that was close by. When I was the city population sign I saw buildings on fire, I seemed to be trapped,then another car crashed into me. My car was pushed to the side of road, and I was unconscious...
  20. I'm going to apply for Video Editor :)

    IGN: sambish20

    Experience as an Editor: I'm an official EMC YouTuber, my experience has lead to multiple server promo videos, EMC videos and just my general hobby of it.

    Please link me to 3 or more videos you have edited: You can find most at my YouTube channel (Thesambish20), but I keep some private, I only have 2 good ones I can show you right now as the other one is a new, upcoming video that I can't share. But here are 2 links to 2 short edits I made. . . I can do much better than those with time, as the new video I'm working on shows. And in-case you're wondering why I choose the same song for both of those videos, I didn't want to spend forever finding a song, I wanted to focus on the video for those. I will mention that my skills have improved a lot though since I made those videos :)