Biggest Noob Mistake?

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  1. Hey everyone! What was one of the silliest mistakes you've ever made as a new player in Minecraft? I'll start.

    When I first got Minecraft I had no idea what to do, I didn't know anything at all, I didn't read up on it or anything. So when I first started, I thought it was a leveling up game like Skyrim, so I went around punch everything (I had no idea you could gather wood and stuff) to increase my levels. Then, when night came, I got killed. I was mad because then I had to start all the way over.

    I spent a good 5 hours just killing things naked, and I ended up getting to like, level 50 before I realized; "Oh hey ... I'm supposed to build things."
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  2. I once though that villager trades wouldnt run out...
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  3. I always love these threads xD

    • First time I played SP, was on PEACEFUL.I found a really nice little spot and decided to build my house, it turned night and I quickly blocked myself in and waited until it was day. I did this every time it became night.
    • Tried to make string from wool blocks.
    • Got a whole stack of melon blocks, couldn't figure out why I couldn't eat to refill hunger. Got mad and just returned to my house.
    • Used a shortcut in Inventory Tweaks to drop dirt in lava, tossed whole inventory. Cried.
    • Made horrible winding staircase-rail up a tower with Britbrit. Was test dummy. Died in dirt wall.
    • Walked all the way to the LLO and then fell out of a tree I was making my home in. Got sent back to spawn.
    • Was making armor, couldn't figure out why it wasn't showing the helmet I just tried to make, looked again and had picked up the mushrooms next to the iron ingots I had just been looking at.
  4. Made a 1 block thick bridge over lava to reach 1 block of quartz ore ._.
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  5. I dug straight down into lava.
  6. When I was starting out even before I had an acc I played the demo, first thing I did was brad 10 obsidian and made a portal moment I step through the portal I was blasted back into Oblivion literally cause I wait until I had the MC game.

    What blasted me you may ask? Oh a ghast, hence my name NetherSpecter.
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  7. Was scared to go caving without a friend and always got lost in that cave.(biggest cave I've been in to this day)
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  8. in the early beta I had a beautiful hotel (its was horrible), and everynight i used to camp in my hotel In a corner waiting for zombies cause i didnt know anything about torches and they all spawned in my building. I also was afraid to go looking for diamonds cause i heard about herobrine once and i tought it lived deep underground.. so the first time i found diamonds i instantly closed minecraft and didnt play for 2 days cause i was afraid herobrine would kill me and steal my diamonds ._.
  9. I dug myself into a hole and got stuck. Thats all I have to say lol.
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  10. The first few minutes I ever played minecraft were not spent looking for resources, building shelter, or preparing for an attack. No, I was wondering how to place down 4 wooden planks in my inventory in order to make a crafting bench!
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  11. I definitely didn't fall into my own mob trap and lose all my stuff and then cried for 3 hours... :p
  12. 1. Dug a hole straight down to make a head farm.
    2. Managed to get back up the hole.
    3. Slept in the bed next to the hole.
    4. Put all my stuff in chest next to the hole.
    5. Jumped down the hole to die and get my head.
    6. Didn't dig the hole deep enough.
    7. Sat stuck in a 20-deep stone hole for 20 minutes waiting for friend to come on and rescue me.
    8. Then spent another 10 minutes digging straight down until I dug through the ceiling of a cave.

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  13. Four days after I joined EMC the 60k armor was released. I was so excited because I was building a house and I needed glass so I got my 6k, went to /shop and bought 6000r worth of glass
    Edit: When I first started playing MC I built a tree house completely out of wood but hostile mobs kept spawning on the ground so I covered the ground with netherack and lit it, which promptly burned all the trees and my house down to the ground.
  14. Before I had an actual account, I had a little world and I tamed a wolf on it... I had a little lake outside of my house, you couldn't actually get out without breaking a block... My wolf fell into the lake but I said "It's fine, dogs don't drown" -_- Cried.
    Not really a mistake but, I was also scared of peaceful but once I actually went on easy for about 2 seconds, walked to my door and a creeper was there looking though the window xD I don't play on easy mode anymore...
    I always build bows the wrong way around as well... Every time....
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  15. I don't remember what happened at all, since I started playing Minecraft over 3 years ago. I remember when experience was added, though. My mistake might have been exploiting a glitch that happened right after experience was added. The glitch was, when ever you jumped, your experience gained a small amount. I spent a long time jumping in one place, and I ended up with over 250 levels from it. That made me get bored, since I could have any enchantment I wanted at that point.
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  16. One time I didn't know how to separate blocks from a stack so I just stood still for a whole hour before I figured it out :p
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  17. Yay finally someone else who only plays on peaceful only! LOL.
    My biggest mistake would be.... Going to the wild with an inventory full of blocks to start a city, I hide in a hole for the night, Marlix spawns and i go out to kill him, Half heart left, Hides in a hole in a hill slashing at the skeletons until they all left.
  18. Nearly burned my all wooden house that was 1/4 of my residence down.
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  19. I mined Diamond Ore with a Stone Pickaxe.