Big Fix / Quality Updates - 10/19/14

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  1. Been a while since we've had a formal thread, but theres been a few changes without threads created, but I just rolled out a much larger set of bug fixes and other changes worthy of its own thread. More work on improving the quality of the Empire :)

    • Changes to the server code to give us a ton of data about server performance. If the server is ever lagging, please type /tps to get a view on TPS, and if the TPS is low, get a hold of a moderator ASAP!

      Moderators can generate a report to then send to me to analyze for why the server was lagging.
      Example of such a report: - This tells us a lot about the server!
    • Fixed bug that allowed other players to spawn animals on a residence without permission.
    • EMC-610 - Exterminated chickeneer, I mean, chickens from Chicken Jockeys are now squashed and not left around in the world.
    • EMC-576 - A new filter has been applied to chat, where if a message is determined to be majority in caps, the message will convert to normal casing. so "I LIKE TO TYPE IN CAPS. WHO'S GOING TO STOP ME" will now be "I like to type in caps. Who's going to stop me".

      <3 Maxarias's title of the issue: "NO MORE ALL CAPS RAGE PLEASE"
    • Residence move check now does it the split second you touch the residence, so no more inching on, the check is now more accurate in general.
    • EMC-601 - When a res is reset, item frame contents are cleared so no more force claiming Residences just to get the item frame contents.
    • EMC-600 - /res pset admin no longer warns when removing the admin flag. Admin flag also now uses Chest Confirmation system instead of needing to repeat the command.
    • Attempting to send mail to Senior Staff or Admins now requires you to confirm you are not mis-using the mail feature.

      It is NEVER appropriate to use in game mail to report bugs, players or other things to staff.
      HINT: I have a mail from a player titled "read this" and reports of the site being down sent 76 days ago I have not read! use the forums and /report!
    • EMC-585 - /res list and /res now shows a list of ALL of your Residences, across each server! /res list <player> shows all of that players Residences. *c*
    • EMC-603 - Force claim now states that the Residence is going to be reset when its claimed.
    • EMC-607 - Flags no longer HAVE to be typed lowercase, so pset Move true will work.
    • EMC-613 - Dropping items from Vault or other inventories that are soulbound or places you do not have dropitems flag should no longer eat the item (it should stay on your cursor). I don't recommend trying it still.
    • Banned players now respawn in the new tutorial with updated items, and a new version of the Second Chance book. Collectors get to collecting.
    • Upgraded internal code that handles all of our Database connections. So far this seems to have 100% solved all issues with random database hangups that caused lag spikes and told you you were already online.
    • Upgraded the server configurations to be a little more redundant in allowing us to move our proxy layer to other servers. For example, when we had issues earlier today, we were able to move to a different server to resolve the problems VERY quickly.
    That's all for now!
  2. lol, thats great, we really needed that change
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  3. Love the updates, Keep up the great Job Aikar.
  4. Someones been busy
  5. Pretty much guaranteed that we can agree THIS is the best part of this update =)
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    Yay, now my gold farm won't be full of chickens after every harvest :)
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  6. With the caps thing, can I still say: I like to eat APPLE pie, not ACCLE pie! ?? Without it being fixed?
    Also, How About People Who Type Like This? Will This Be Affected?
  7. Both of those should still be possible.

    Edit: The first is not possible.
    The second is.

    Words longer than 4 characters seem to be the set-off.
  8. <3 yay updates :) second chance book.... I need it
  9. Poor simon...
  10. The great mystery of the *c* :eek:

    Thanks for another awesome update Aikar!
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  11. Wow, you've been working hard. Awesome update full of a lot of cool changes! This will definitely better the play experience. I have to get hunting for that second chance book...
  12. Wouldn't you have to get banned? Why is this a collector's item? :p
  13. It's just an interesting item in that you can only get it from banned people. I managed to get an old version through other means, and I'm curious as to how the new one looks. :p Plus, the old one was signed by EmpireMinecraft, a management account.
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  14. Awesome, keep up with the awesome work Aikar! :)
  15. Great Job. Thanks for the hard work. :)
  16. Cool stuff! :D Keep up the good work Aikar!
  17. Great work everytime Aikar!

    Especially loving the cap-limit, thanks a ton! c:
  18. Wow, awesome job! The real question is, how does Aikar manage to get all this done without toppling off his chair in exhaustion. xP I'm starting to wonder if he knows how to sleep-code...