Better System For Returning Players

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  1. I've noticed a fair number of players which return after a long period of being away experiencing confusion. Most likely, their residence went derelict, leaving them in the middle of someone else's plot. Often, players don't know this has happened and think they've been transported somewhere random. Thus, it ends up taking the time of other player to explain what happened, and is an unpleasant experience for the returning player.

    In addition, players who haven't played after a long period of time are likely to have forgotten the rules, commands, or how things work.

    I think it would be really useful to have a special messages/protocol for returning players. For example:

    Something to consider may be giving returning players who had a residence go derelict some starting items, so they can get back on their feet as well. They may have left the server with nothing in their inventory and a very low rupee balance, at which point there's little they can do except go to the waste and punch a tree, which requires them to know about the waste and venture out far enough in it to find a tree, without any armour or tools, and safely make their way back with that wood and some saplings.

    I mean, this is mostly food for thought, and not necessarily final ideas. But what do people think?
  2. I like this idea, +1

    I have seen so many old players return, and then leave coz they lost their stuff.
  3. +1
    That is a fantastic idea actually.
  4. Message is easy enough since it's a simple if function.

    I wouldn't want any special armor for the returning players because that'll be incentive to vanish for days at a time. It should also be set up so that they both should not have voted in 100 days and not be online for 100 days for these functions to work.

    Something simple like iron tools and armor would be fine here.
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  5. +1 - Many new players leave seconds after returning... hopefully this will encourage them to stay.
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  6. +10+9 (+21)
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  7. Yes, I think this would be great, and help the server.
  8. I definitely like the suggestion to inform them on how to get their residence back, I've helped out players with that on numerous of occasions now. And sometimes it's not always that easy; not everyone tells you up straight that they lost their residence but sometimes mention how /home doesn't work for them. And even that isn't always due to a lost residence ;)

    However, I do have some doubts about the items. I don't oppose the idea, but it seems a little off if players who basically haven't done anything get a small reward out of it. Especially in comparison to the players who have been active.

    So I'm wondering if a variable rupee bonus wouldn't also work. Basically: determine which amount of rupees would be sufficient to help a player.

    Fictional example: Lets say 400rupees would allow someone to buy a pick and a sword. If the returning player already has more than 400rupees (or an equal amount) he'd get nothing. But if he has less than 400rupees, say 150, then he'd get his rupee amount filled up to 400rupees. So in my example the player would get 250 rupees. A returning player with 0 rupees would get 400 and a player with 300 rupees would get 100, and so on.

    Thing is: if the player needs materials and gets some rupees to buy them then those rupees will most likely find their way back into the community again. Which I think would be more fair for everyone.
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  9. +1 fer shure. I can't tell you how many times I have had to explain that, and how many times people have been begging to reclaim their original res.
  10. +1 I love it!!!
  11. + Infinity times Walrus

    Infinity x Walrus=Pumpkins Pie
    Pumpkin Pie is Delicious
    Delicious is Good
    Therefore this is a Good Idea

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  12. Agreed with all of this - show the message, give them the reward items for completing the tutorial if their res was reset, and top their rupee balance back up to whatever it is set to when you complete the tutorial imo.
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