Best way to kill a Momentus

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I've been getting into killing bosses after a couple successful attempts at a Marlix, but I can never get a Momentus at level 8. I'm using a god sword and bow, but my armor is too expensive to repair, so I'm using god chestplate/leggings and voters helmet and boots. Oh, and gapples.

    He kills me constantly once I lose my god armor from the first death and I can't get my items back unless I switch to a lower difficulty.

    Any suggestions? :p

  2. Just set a bed spawn near him so when you die you can just respawn and continue fighting. :)
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  3. That's what I do but I still can't retrieve my items :I
  4. try placing a water bucket at his feet. you can float in the water and hit him and the guardians he summons cant reach you. when he draws you in though.. things get crazy
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  5. Thanks! I never thought of that....I'll try that as soon as I spot one! Well, any suggestions for when he draws you in? xD
  6. Craft swords, lots of swords, stone are cheap and slightly more durable than wooden swords, and run in swinging.. Just have one sword on you at a time.. I usually keep a box of swords handy near my bed in case Momentus spawns too close to my camps.. xD
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  7. You gotta RUN LIKE AN ANIMAL back to the water XD
  8. God apples, speed2 potions, and water. Always at a minimum, keep some iron armor also in case you have nothing else. Cheap and you can toss it when you are done with it. Also regen2. This helps you run in and at least get your items. As for it drawing you in, Run!!! Timing of the potions is critical also.
    Good lucks!
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  9. Voters gear ;)

    Sometimes it feels a bit like cheating but meh... I usually place a bed nearby, start fighting and then die lots of times. But because I spawn with my armor & gear I can usually get a few hits in before I get killed again (leather armor is not much defense against Momentus and his band of merry men though) :)
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  10. Trapping it in water is far the best tactic.
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  11. Voter's armor and diamond sword. Set a bed next to him and set your spawn. Whack him until you die, respawn, repeat until dead. :)
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  12. Or that. Very good tactic, only problem is that the voters armor takes a while to get. :(
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  13. Or, if you're dank like me, you can do it without armor ;)
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  14. If you can lure him into water, you're golden and can beat him in just voter's gear without even dying. A water bucket works too but not as well since you can wind up getting pushed around by the water flow. Ender pearls let you dash in and away quickly if you're trying to grab your stuff. Just don't pearl into him. Not that I learned THAT the hard way... derp.
    Some days, I go out in my god gear and get crushed by him. Other times, it seems a lot easier. Luck of the draw where Momo spawns I suppose, or my fighting is just erratic lol. Luck to ya!
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  15. I just don't fight him on 8. I have a difficult enough time on 7 unless I have grapples lol.
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  16. Best way to kill a Momentus? Go into town chat and say "Hey, I need someone to kill a Momentus". Costs nothing, and the creature will die.
  17. Level 8 is so yesterday. Try level 10
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  18. Oh, I killed one on level 12 the other day, wearing wood armor and using an already broken sword.
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  19. depth strider 3, 6 block deep water... Lets me swing from under them and back away/out safely.

    Anyone know the exact spawn conditions? Can they spawn in full light level? With a tall enough covering can they spawn under ground?
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  20. In all fareness,.. At my outpost I saw a momentous down on flat land and I only had a iron sword so what I did was:
    -run around like a loony
    -eat meat
    -set a bed
    Then out of no where a marlix spawned-this is true-I couldn't believe my eyes! The marlix saw me and started to shoot at me. I then had a great idea; this was to get the marlix to shoot at the momentous like a skeleton does to a zombie! So I ran around drawing the marlix closer to the momentous and then the momentous drew me and the marlix in (I don't know how) and they had a fight! The marlix won!
    But I found out that my difficulty was only on 6 XD
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