Best villager trades?

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  1. I like trading with villagers for enchanted books... always have really.

    What trades have you gotten for the best deals?

    I remember my 32 E for 1 UNB3 book villager, im sad he is gone.

    Also is 26 E for protection III good? (52 E to make protection 4)
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  2. 'epens. if u have an infinite emerals villager (sorry about typos a key is broken on my keyboar) then that stuff is kina cheap.
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  3. I almost have all of the enchanted book villagers. I'm missing thorns III (depth strider will be missing as well once EMC updates to Minecraft 1.8). Most of the enchanted books are at their highest levels. It didn't take me a very long time to get the trades I wanted! :)

    Note: I can't get on EMC right now to check the trades and how many emeralds it takes to get the enchanted books.
  4. I had 11 emeralds for unbreaking III once. I got about four DC Out of it. Until the trade switched to silk touch for 5 emeralds.

    Also, the protection trade is mediocre. So much that it is worth keeping around, but it isn't an amazing trade.
  5. I don't have much experience with villager trading, but if you haven't checked the minecraft wiki yet, this is an interesting note:
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  6. When you are able to get on, if you can PM me some examples of the higher end ones you have with emerald cost it would be much apreciated!

    Wow, cool! Though silk for 5e is not bad, could have switched to something less common though!
  7. Have you ever tried to get the last trade to be an enchanted book?
  8. Right now I'm concentrated completely on getting as much emeralds out of my greedy best friendly villagers as I can. Still trying to make my first unlimited paper villager ;) I was aware that you could get enchanted books, but didn't know that included the cool things such as silk touch, learned something new here!

    If only I'd remember to use some of those emeralds to restock my shop instead of turning most of 'm into emerald blocks which I then store in my chest to admire them (oooh.... pretty!) ;)
  9. You will ALWAYS get an enchanted book from a villager.... unless you get the infamous gold trade within the first 8 trades, just depends if the book is good or not...
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  10. All the time, my silk villager has infinite trades!
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  11. I have an infinite sharpness 4 villager which i got trying to get a paper villager, lol. I'm not on and won't be until friday to be able to check the amounts of emeralds it needs so I'll post when i can :)
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  12. That's a really good one!
  13. Yep. The only problem is that the only ones that will stay around for ever are the level one ones. As long as it costs more than five emeralds per enchanted book it has a chance to change. And 5 emeralds can only get you level 1 books :p
  14. Yeah. I believe the UNB3 villager of mine that broke switched to knockback 2 >.> Kind of annoyed me. lol
  15. I have an infinity book villager. 1 book for 6 emeralds.
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