Before I die...

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  1. This is a forum game where you can think of things you want to happen before you die, and why. I'll start.

    I want there to be a cure for cancer. My nan has had it, she survived with her hair intact, my grandad had bowel cancer and started my town's hospice that was for cancer, my nan's friend died of it (who was, quite frankly, an amazing woman who didn't deserve to die). It does some terrible things to your health though and kills thousands of people, so I hope the pathogens have a way of getting killed.

    For there to be robots. I love robots. Alot. So much that RoboRaptors were an irresistible toy for me when I was younger so my christmas present one year was a roboraptor...I went through all of its pre-installed batteries in a day, and I treated it like a real thing (I was 6...). I want them to help the disabled and old people :D Hopefully the aftermath of this isn't something like the Terminator movies (I love those movies :p)

    Realistic gaming. By this, I mean games where you can put a headset or something on, and be immersed in a realistic world in which you control your player with your body. If you've ever watched Sword Art Online, you'll know what I mean :3
  2. I thought this was a suicide thread... Thanks for giving me a good scare... -.-

    EDIT: Before I die I would like not to die.
  3. I like the game idea, playing Minecraft like that would be awesome :D
  4. My dad survived cancer. He has some defects though.
    I would also like a cure for cancer to come before I pass into the void.

    I would like to see the Empire still alive and thriving. Minecraft as well.

    Can't think of anything else, I might add some.
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  5. I want there to be a cure for diabeetus because my parents have it.
    I want to have a house in the countryside with a large field so that I can just lay in it all day.
    I want to visit at least 5 different countries before I die, because I haven't really traveled at all.
    And I also want to have the money to do be able to do all of this.
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  7. Before I die - I'd like to see at least 4 things:
    1. Worldwide free electricity - anything can be charged without worrying about costs or pollutions
    2. Good chemicals be put in the atmosphere to remove pollution from the ozone and water in the air.
    3. Atmospheric temperature stabilizers - the atmosphere be replenished and doubled so the temperatures can be stabilized where you live on earth.
    4. This is a personal one, I want to find true love :3
    Those are what I want to see happen before I die :D
  8. A world where money is useless.
  9. Before I die, I want to get a life. If that's even possible.
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  10. Yeah, my inner economist is crying right now at that suggestion.

    Money is merely a lubricant for trade. Taking away money will not get rid of excessive greed.
    We need money because otherwise we are reduced to barter, where 2 individuals must have the same need at the same time which the other can fulfil. With money, this double coincidence of wants is not a problem.

    If you really want to get rid of greed which harms others and is thereby excessive, you need to change attitudes in society. Greed is essential for competition, you should target excessive amounts of it. To do this, try philanthropy. Set up a business of some sort, go through your life providing products and services to the masses and giving them a reason to work for things in their life. Set an example to the lower ranks of society through good works by donating some of your resultant fortune. Guide the way. Hold the torch. Lead. Shape the world as you see fit. And don't follow.
  11. Half-Life 3. 'Nuff said.
  12. My nan died from cancer. I feel you're pain Soul. :(
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  13. The cure for selfish people, bullies, and complete jerks.
  14. I was thinking about it in the sense that we could just share all the resources in the world so you didn't need money to buy anything.
  15. Thats the problem. If we did 'share' then whats stopping countries building massive things using them all and leaving the provider with nothing. Money, has been around for thousand's of years. It was even used in caveman years.
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  16. I would like to play The Last Guardian before I die.
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  17. Dude. That title was like... *BOOM*, and I was like ._.
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  18. When I grow up, I want to be a potato!

    Now seriously, I want to become a graphic designer and do awesome and also funny images to spam the internet and make everyone happy and then play Minecraft and do the most awesome badass building ever. Then I will be a famous youtuber and I will be rich and I will buy a ton of LEGO, and I will die when I step on a lego brick.
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