Before I die...

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  1. So, collectivist communism?
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  2. omg i thought you were going to commit suicide, and i almost had a heart attack.
    I want to do good for the world. anyhting.
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  3. Communism is just letting the government manage your money. I don't like it :/
  4. If I have to die, then I want to live!
    -- Ms. Ida Muntz, "Road To Wellville"
  5. You want try it? Try EMC :D
  6. Actually, the eventual ideal communist system is stateless.
  7. For GTA V to be released (sarcasm, seriously if it gets delayed one more time.....)
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  8. I want the Universe Projects to be finished completely b4 my life is over.
  9. For my favourite band's lawsuit to be over. If you're wondering, 2 members of the band allowed this song to be made while the lead singer was ill with lung problems:

    To be honest Syd Duran makes it better :p
  10. I also want there to be an end to cancer, my aunt has survived it, but my father has passed away from liver cancer. In fact, it's one of the worst words in my vocabulary. It's... just so terrible... I hate it. My father didn't deserve to die, he was a great man... it just took his body and took him along with it as well... I definitely want a cure. No one desirves to die from this.
  11. Actually, communism on paper is a really good idea.
    Just the reality of people screws everything up.
    (greed, mostly greed.)
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  12. Before I die I would like to see a world without pollution and the cure for cancer ;)
  13. There to be a way to stop the aging process or we can live longer, and all diseases and mental illnesses cured.
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    this is NOT a suicide thread.

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  15. -Also, being able to be put into objects of any kind, and therefor making them alive.
  16. I honestly did not think this was a suicide thread at first.
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  17. First of all I could die happy if Dubstep dies before I do. It'd be pretty cool to see a Friday the 13th anime movie written by Sean Cunningham w/ Naoki Urasawa and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. I'd also like to see a Mother 4 by 2014, maybe even a movie.
  18. Hahaha what crazy1080 said too. Everything that was promised long ago like advanced technology has never come and I don't even see it in my lifetime
  19. Self aware robots? Lol I wouldn't want that.