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  1. I have a couple of questions. To become a diamond member is the purchase just a one time fee or does it have to be paid each month like a monthly membership? My other question is if I become a diamond member do I have to buy an extra residence or do you get them for free? Also is the ententy 100 the same for each residence
  2. Supportership is a monthly membership. Once you pay, you have to pay again each month, but this can be done automatically so that you don't have to worry about renewing; it just does it for you. When you're done, you cancel the subscription and it stops
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  3. You can sign up, and cancel whenever you wish to. Many choose to pay, then cancel after a few days, while others choose to keep donating each month to help out EMC! (It indeed auto-renews monthly until you click the 'cancel' button)

    Diamond members get 4 resses, however if changes occur, this may also change. Check the 'store' tab for the most current information on this. You also may purchase res vouchers to increase your res limit. Be aware if you go diamond to free, your resses will NOT be deleted, however if you unclaim one in the future, you will not be able to reclaim another as a 'free' user. (res limit for free = 1/1, go diamond claim three more and you go to 4/4, go back to free and you will be at 4/1 (over the limit) so if you unclaim you go back to 3/1, which is still over the limit and why you cannot claim another res.)

    The ent limit is indeed 100 for smp1-9, however on utopia it is *200*. Be careful again if you claim a utopia res, and go back to being a 'free' member, as you may have to wait in the queue to get onto utopia, while supporters always get an immediate connection to get on. (This does not apply to smp1-9, only utopia).

    Hope this all makes sense! (If not, let me know and I can try to clarify!)

    *Edited, thanks chickeneer! I thought Utopia had a limit of 150*
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  4. Hi enzosoccer19. Diamond supporting is by the month (monthly). Packaged with that is a temporary increase in your residence max to 4 for the duration of the upgrade. After downgrading, you get to keep those residences but your max will be lowered down. You can purchase the residence increase vouchers to permanently increase your max by one each.
    The 100 entity limit is the same for all residences, except utopia had a max of 200
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  5. Thank you both so much you guys explain exactly what I wanted to know. I'm going to do that right away thank you guys again. And if you cancel you get to keep all the benefits correct. Such as the automatic log in bonus the teleport and all that?
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  6. you keep those benefits until the month is over and your supporter-ship ends, unless you keep paying for more months.
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  7. What meghs said. While your resses do not disappear: if you go free you lose your extra stable slots, rupee bonus, derelict protection, 'auto' rupee bonus, extra res set location setpoints, immediate utopia access, etc... All will default back to 'free' player values. Reason you do not lose your resses, is that you just 'go over your limit', however as players build and store stuff at their resses, you can hang onto them as long as you do not /unclaim them.

    You also lose the cool blue color :( after the month is up if you decide to cancel support.
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  8. But what you said conflicts with what was said over here
    That thread said that the +1 increase to to max residences is permanent (even if you unsubscribe) for all gold and diamond supporters. Its only the diamond supporters that face a max res decrease (from 4 max to 2 max) if they cancel. Unless their has been some recent changes (i know a lot is up in the air until Microsoft makes an announcement). Now I'm really confused I bought the gold voucher I'm on now primarily because of the offered "Permanent" Max res increase; I know EMC reserves the right to change policy but this would be kinda disappointing. My gold voucher runs out on September 30th "I know" my 2nd res isn't going to disappear but what about my max res increase?
  9. We have no intentions of removing that limit increase. If anything, we would stop offering it to new supporters. Does that make sense?
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  10. the res increase you get for having the gold status will drop back to 'free' player. you can keep the res' you claim, but if you ever unclaim them while being a 'free' player you will not have the ability to claim it back unless you upgrade to gold again. unless you purchased the res increase voucher which then the res slot amount won't decrease

    the policy hasn't changed, you've just miss read what he meant?
  11. Actually, Past and current Gold/Diamond Supporters were granted a permanent +1 increase to their residences. Not sure how this stands currently but I believe it still is running. So what that means. Is that when you upgrade to Gold/Diamond. Your base goes up 1 regardless. Diamond temporarily ups it 2 more slots (but lowers again on downgrading).
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  12. Thank you for the clarification. Sorry for panicking.
  13. Yes, I should have indicated a 4/2 and 3/2 in that specific scenario.
    Check your 'res limit' with /res and you should see how many you have!
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