Bad Pun

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  1. So if you have been on smp7 you have seen Jim's afk car. Here it is 2013-11-28_13.06.02.png
    I hope it doesn't get in a crash because it would probably be a real Ender Bender.
  2. Oh gahd.
  3. Oh look. A shiny nice car. I'll be taking that. Thank you very much
  4. punpunpunpunpunpun
  5. Pun.
  6. *and everyone died of a bad pun disease*
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  7. I got in an ender bender once. I had to get a new car which wasn't all bad since the old car was a real ghast guzzler.
  8. Good thing you had Endsurence.

    Screw you, I couldn't think of a good one.
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  9. Too bad my car takes a quartz of gas.
    I'm bad at this, I'll go.
  10. I found that pretty punny.
    I think we should both leave now.
  11. Wow, that's pretty... Punny!
  12. *ahem*
    "Have you seen the graphics in Minecraft? They're top notch!"
  13. Too late.
  14. There's the punchline!
  15. ".. One Day my father brought home a puppy for me.
    The next day my mom told him to go get blow up balloons for my birthday.
    My pup was brought back in with no legs..."
    "Aww... So what'd you call him?"
    "Are... are you serious?"
    "What'd you call him?"
    "Seriously... Say it again. I dare you."
    silence for a moment
    "what'd you call him?"
    "I didn't, because he wouldn't come."
  16. The punchline...
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