Automated Residence Lighting

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  1. So, every once in awhile (usually when you claim a res or reset one) there will be lighting glitches from either former torches or glowstone that was on the res, or from something else?

    Well, I'm suggesting that we get an option to buy what is essentially lighting with no torches/glowstone. This would light up the entire residence (at the ground level). This would mean that every dirt block (or whatever you change the ground of your res to) is at max lighting capability, but there are none of those ugly torches there.

    This would be helpful because a) you won't have to go around putting torches/glowstone everywhere and b) frankly, it's annoying to go around putting torches/glowstone everywhere to light up your res, and it looks awful because 9 times out of 10, the torches do not fit in to what your building or your residence's theme. Honestly, it's just very annoying when you are working at night and it's extremely dark.

    This new lighting method would just make life in Town a lot easier in my opinion.

    To view my previous suggestions to EMC, click this link:
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  2. It'd be very difficult to do, but it could work and it would also cause an awful lot of lag.
  3. I support, but if you have trouble with darkness crank your brightness up, crank your monitors brightness or even download optifine!
    But show support, good idea .
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  4. No.
    It would just push all the updates were already trying to have back even farther.
  5. Wrongish.

    Aikar has the Dragon Tombs Update as his "Main Coding Session" but he has to take breaks. For the Wastelands he used his Break Time to Code it (I believe, or It another update but I'm 100% he coded an EMC update during his break time).

    So it wouldn't exactly push back the updates.
  6. You forgot to take into account the week it will take to update to 1.6.
  7. Then was just a suggestion...
  8. I like the idea a lot! I really don't like any torches/ lighting in my builds so, I would prefer to have this because it would be easier to light up. :D Though this suggestion needs a little more thought put into to it like how, what would it cause, and stuff.
  9. Yeah, but I think the only practical way of doing this would be just to light up the ground. I don't think it would be possible to actually light up every part of every thing on your build on the res. I was just suggesting that the ground would be lit up. The rest of the res is left for you to light up :)
  10. The 1.6 Update counts as a "Main Coding Session"
  11. I would like to believe dragon tombs are already finished, and aikar is holding them for the 1.6 update. you never know right?
  12. I dislike the idea. There are plenty of ways to light up your residence and also make it look good. You have Jack O Lanterns, glowstone, lava, torches, and fire.
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  13. You could drink a potion of night vision.
  14. Yeah, just whenever it's night in Town, drink one...
  15. Or anytime
  16. This. You don't need ghost-lights to help illuminate your residence, you just need to get a bit more creative with the materials at your disposal. Don't like how glowstone looks? Hide it under some bushes - they'll still let the light through. Don't like torches? Try a jack-o-lantern, or perhaps lava under glass in the floor. There are a lot of ways to light places up. :)