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  1. The title says it all. These are some suggestions that I have in mind:

    1) Auto-Reply Messages: I think we all can say that we've gone AFK at least once...and sometimes we all like to tell the /town chat that we are AFK. I think maybe a command with an editable message or a default message that can be activated with a command? would be a great way of letting anyone and everyone, that private messages you while your AFK, know that you are AFK.

    2) AFK Lounge: Another suggestion for AFK players...maybe a place on every server that can be accessed through Town [with a portal or command?]. Maybe it would have a bunch of those "AFK fountains" or any cool design... However, this does seem to "encourage" members to go AFK, which may not be the best in the long run.

    3) Trade Chat Channel: Finally, I think that a cross-server Trade Chat Channel would be a great idea, especially for those that are trying to sell something that is not so common in the average mega mall. It would also be easier for the than posting to the Auction or Economy Forums for both the seller and the buyer because not everyone checks those Threads.

    That is all from me...for now.
  2. I really actually like these ideas, sadly they probably won't be implemented :(.

    The first two could really come in handy, especially if you need to AFK while smelting or something and don't want to log out then back in because of the stupid chunk-loading stuff. It also keeps people from raging when I don't reply to PMs when AFK.

    Not sure I would use the Trade channel, maybe if you could opt out of it that would be cool.
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  3. I actually meant to type that the Trade Chat Channel would have an on and off command if implemented, due to massive spam, especially if it's cross-server ;) The Trade Chat Channel would also be a quick and easy way for getting something maybe a little "rare" or a DC of something off your hands. It would definitely get a lot of use, as all of us can probably say we have had trouble selling certain things.

    *EDIT*: Maybe the Trade Chat Channel could be accessed/activated by standing in a "Trade Center" (near /town?) on each server? Just a thought...
  4. I for one also thought a /afk command or similar would be a great idea. I know I am afk a lot. Plus It would be the only way I can know if my friends who reside in the wild are available for me to chat with.
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  5. One more... Enchantment Table Flag would make life a little bit easier. :)
  6. I like all three idea's, however I can see the 'trade channel' becoming very off topic and some people will just use it to chat cross server to other people who are on other smp's. :)
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  7. Yes, yes, this is true. If a Trade Chat Channel was ever implemented, it would probably have to be individual channels on each server...but then again, this is only a wish list after all.
  8. I also think /afk would be great, so any player that tries to /tell you, they would receive a message like _____ is Away from their Keyboard :)
  9. Exactly what I was aiming for! :)
    You can use that to say in town chat "______ is AFK.", and then set it up so that it will turn chat off. That way those who see it know you are AFK, and those who dont cant /tell you. I also suggest building yourself and AFK throne. AFK is style.
  11. Because its easier for us to deal with a macro than it is for Aikar to make another command:)
  12. A cross-server trade channel? All of my yes.
    It could be based on the central database server, rather than the servers for the actual servers, which the rest of the chat channels are.
    It would likely come a while after the Dragon Tombs, though.
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  13. Wouldn't it be cool to have a channel for cross server chating?
  14. Adding on to the /afk idea... You know how if someone has chat turned off or if they ignored you, it either says "Sorry, [playername] has chat turned off" or "Sorry, [playername] is ignoring you]"... Maybe with /afk, if you try to PM someone, it could say "Sorry, [playername] is currently AFK" :cool:
  15. There was. It was Global. It was taken out due to spam and to much chat so I doubt it will be added in again.
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  16. I was thinking of putting that in my post as well. There's the occasional spammers here and there, so combining them is sure to kill the moderators' slash key! (From /banning and /kicking) But, it has its potentials as players don't have to go to each server to announce events such as drop parties, lottos, and giant sales...
  17. I like all your ideas ;)
    1. Would be really useful and awesome!
    2. Probably not necessary but a nifty idea :p
    3. Isn't there a mod for like IRC that kinda sorta already does this? Don't get me wrong it would be awesome if EMC had it's own cross server chat :D
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