Australia, what to see and what to skip

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  1. Greetings EMCians!

    It is I, Eclipsys!

    Are there any folks on EMC that can recommend places to go in Australia? I'll be in Aus from mid August to mid September and I'd like to see as much epicness as possible :p

    Any suggestions welcome!

    We can also go get a cup of coffee if I'm nearby, anyone is up for that?

    Thanks in advance!

    Eclipsys the Traveller.
  2. Gold Coast ;)

    *whispers* go to New Zealand after Aussie :p
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  3. [
    Ignore the wet weather, but how you are you liking it?
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  4. It's been grand! NZ is a beautiful country all around. So many things to see!
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  5. Also, where are you staying? :D
  6. In a council house in Wairoa, close to the council quarters.
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  7. Melbourne Rocks!!!
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  8. I'm passing through Sydney and Melbourne for sure!
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  9. Goldcoast, sydney, melbourne, lots around, but all depends on what you want to see. Just work out what you like and use google.

    Btw, not to many drop bears in the citys, if you go into the country though, slap on some vegimite to protect yaself :D

  10. This is the route i'll be taking, spread over 2 weeks. After that I got two more weeks to fill in :p
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  11. i guess its good that your staying on the east side, bottom east is close though
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  12. In all seriousness here is a list of thing to do in Victoria and Melbourne in General.

    Country Victoria:
    - Sovereign Hill: visit the old gold rush experience.
    - Great Ocean Road and Twelve Apostles: Listed as Unesco World Heritage site
    - Ballarat wild reserve: go see wild animals in a better environment than a ZOO
    - Phillip Island Penguin Parade (Daily tours from Melbourne CBD)
    - Wilsons Promontory National Park (aka Wilsons Prom'): Just another park will lots of deserted beaches. Water is cold FYI
    - Grampians National Park: Just another park will lots of beautifull views (so I'm told)

    - Melbourne City Circle Tram route: View the city from a free old school tram.
    - Flinders street station: Iconic Train station.
    - Southern Cross Station: Iconic Train station.
    - Melbourne Cricket Ground (aka MCG aka The G): Go to a Footy game and experience one of the largest stadiums in the world.
    - Melbourne Park: Home of the Australian Tennis Open
    - AAMI Park Stadium: catch a football or rugby game in a outstanding stadium.
    - Federation Square: catch a sports events on the big screen with Aussie fans and go wild.
    - Docklands: Nice west side of Melbourne where you can see some Yacht.
    - Ice house: Go ice skating all year round, (Situated at docklands)
    - Etihad Stadium: Closed roof stadium perfect for rainy days.
    - Melbourne Central Shopping Center: Also has a train station, a good ordinary Shopping Center built around an old Shot Tower (Shot Tower is where they use to make bullets for guns)
    - Swanston st and Bourke st Mall: Main shopping district
    - Victoria State Library: good old fashioned library. They offer free tours.
    - RMIT University: As a graduate I am a proud alumni. We are bred into growing hate towards Melbourne University who are just down the road from us.
    - Queen Victoria Market: Tourist attraction, they sell loads of stuff. Good food too. Opened Wed, Fri-Sun
    - Lygon St (Little Italy): Experience the good Italian food and home of the Italian Mafia (Know more watch the famous "Underbelly" TV series)
    - AC DC lane: a street named after the legendary band.
    - Crown Casino: Gamble away you life savings or enjoy the numerous other attractions the complex offers.
    - Chapel st: Shopping street south east of CBD
    - Acland st/St Kilda beach: shopping and tourist area. Notable for its Luna park fun fair and St Kilda Pier Penguin sanctuary.
    - Brighton Beach: Beach that has its famous huts.
    - Chastone Shopping Center: Apparently the largest in Southern Hemisphere.
    - Flemington Racecourse: Home of the Race that stops the Nation, The Melbourne Cup (Horse race)

    To finish Penny Blue: local bar/lounge where you might run into me as I'm there every second Tuesday like tonight for example as I go there to play Poker whenever I don't have work on that evening.

    I'm probs missing a lot but this should get you started.
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  13. Thanks man! I'll try and incorporate as much of these as possible into my itinerary xD
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  14. Hey Eclips

    In Sydney do not miss The Rocks... old original section... nice small pubs vs the cemmercial ones everyone sends you to. Also Marubra Beach... awesome seafood.

    On the trip south.. make sure to hit Canberra (official capital) but on a Weekday... not the weekend. Further south Blue Mountains are quite pretty too
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  15. Noted and added! Thank you kind sir!
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  16. everyone forgets about WA :(

    Rottnest Island and Broome are really nice, as is Perth of course
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  17. If I get the time and the money to get a ticket up there i will also visit WA :)
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  18. It's not the best place, but I think Canberra is pretty good. Especially since you like architecture, you'll like our parliament house.

    Anywhere on the Queensland coast (especially either the Gold Coast for the beach and theme parks or Carins for the reef) is also great.

    Too hot :p
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